By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


9. Fake phone calls

So I deleted my non fanfic Movellas cause I realized that I should start focusing on my 3 Movellas, well one of them I half own. But anyways, here is a a new chapter:

I pulled out my phone and quickly typed: There are just some people that you hate and don't wanna see but you see them anyway. xx (ps. about to fly away to TCA's.)

I quickly glanced over my should to see if the other three boys were close, they're about 2 seats away. Initiate fake phone call...

"Yea, I'm about to leave, I will miss you. She did what? Ok, girl you cannot talk to her again-" I made a conversation with myself and made sure I was quiet They stood next to me and I could feel their eyes burning holes through the side of my head. I kept talking until they passed and I said a quick bye to no one and "hung up".

Darrell was asleep throughout the whole ride, she was so lazy. I watched a few movie, had a nap and some delicious meals. There was that one time when Blondie from the band passed me to ask a flight attendant something then say hi to me as he walked back to his seat. I just smiled and waved. God, these boys have guts.

- - - - -

We landed at 6:00 am and everyone on the plane just dragged themselves off the plane, except for Darrell. Seems like her sleeping actually got her somewhere. I got a quick text from Kat and said she was picking us up personally then dropping us off at KIIS fm to do a show and interview. I love my career and all but we just arrived and we already have to do a show? And to top it all off we also have to do an interview.

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