By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


2. Breakup

"Well Danielle, what seems to be the problem?"

"Uh, I've been dating this guy for about 2 years and he wonderful. He buys me gifts and take me out on romantic dates, the problem is he is famous, I love him, I really do but I never see him most of the time due to his career, and mine. I have been thinking about ending things but I don't want to break him cause I know he loves me. What do I do?"

"Honey, how long have you been thinking about ending things?"

"A month or so. Ever since he left for his tour."

"Do you feel this is the right thing to do?"

"Maybe, I have a feeling it is cause a long distance relationship may not work. We have even been talking about marriage."

"If you feel it's the right thing to do, do it! No one is stopping you, like I said to the last caller, re-evaluate this relationship and think with your heart, not your body."

"I think I have to end things with him."

"Whatever floats your boat, unless you want the relationship to be the titanic and it sinks and we all die... Just think before you do it. Time is up, bye Danielle!"

"Bye!" I hung up immediately and sighed as it went to ads. "Wonder who's the famous boy." Carl asked.

- - - - -

Liam's POV

I sat there shocked.

I knew it was Danielle. The sound of her beautiful voice filled our ears. The boys looked at me with sadness. My eyes filled with tears. Harry wrapped his arms around mine, the Zayn's then Niall and Lou. Why didn't she tell me? My phone rang.


I sat there wide eyed as the radio kept playing from the coffee table. I picked it up.

"H-hello?" She studdered. "Daniell-" "listen, I'm so so sorry! I don't know whether you heard the radio or not but I'm so sorry but I can't be with you anymore." I put it on speaker so the boys could hear. "I understand Dani, I listened to you and now understand that we don't see each other anymore and it won't work, can we still be friends?" "Liam. I- thank you for understanding, I love you so much, my love is indescribable for you. Thank you, I have to go." "Bye" I hung up instantly.

I hope I can move on cause now I know that we won't be getting back together. The girl on the radio, Aria was it? Was back on. I couldn't bear to hear her. I was mad. At her and Dani. But I can't really blame Aria though. Dani was the one who called her. I switched the radio off and grabbed my keys and phone and walked through the door, ignoring the stares of the lads.
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