By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


6. Airport


They stared at me as I stood there dumbly. I opened my mouth to shout but nothing came out. Wow. I'm dumber than I thought. They all smirked at me. Finally something came out.

"Are you One Direction?" I mentally slapped myself. Dangit Aria! They just nodded, their smirks still plastered across their faces. I mentally slapped THEM. 

"Are you following me?"  I asked. Their smirks faded. They didn't even blink. Blondie and Quiff looked down. Ok, if they're trying to make me feel guilty, they are doing a swell job! I smiled a sympathetic smile. Emphasis on symPATHETIC. Help me lord.

I didn't know what to say or do so uh lets start off with: "Hi, I'm Aria." They just sat there but curly haired one winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Ok, help me. Seriously. "I'm Zayn, this is Hazza, NIall, Lou and Liam." They all waved at the sound of their name but Liam just sat there glaring at me. Ok... What's his deal? His eyes were pretty though. Awkward silence... 

"hi, I gotta uh... get going." I faked smiled and hurried away before they could say anything. Phew! Well that was awkward...

I slid down on my seat grabbed my drink and finishing it off. I hate boy bands. No offense. 

- - - - -

"Let's go!" Darrell shouted, dragging me out the door. "At least let me put my luggage in the boot!" We jumped in the car and drove off to the airport. 

I watched the trees and building pass by. It has been a week since the encounter with the boys. I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. his eyes, the way they glared at me, what did I do wrong? He was the one following us. Or maybe he wasn't and it just seemed like it. His brown eyes were all I could think about.

We soon arrived with our baggage and were checking in. I went through my twitter, checking peoples tweets. I soon realized I was follow all the 1D boys. I hate you Darrell. I noticed a tweet from 5 minutes ago.

"Hey guys! Heading to America for the TCA's. Flights leaves soon-" say what? that means... Oh no, no, no, no, no. I kept reading. "- cant wait! Vote for us! Love you x" from @Real_Liam_Payne. Dangit! They're gonna be there, and probably on the same flight...  Jesus Christ. Why does fate hate me? I was starting to mentally panic.

I looked up to see Darrell hurrying over with two cups of coffee and two cinnamon doughnuts. Yum! I scrambled over to her as she plopped herself on the seat across me and grabbed my coffee pouring it down my throat, ignoring the stares from around us. I threw the cup into the bin, not bothering to get up. I turned and found Darrell looking at me in astonishment. 

"Gee, Ari, desperate much?" 

"Sorry, I will be needing it. Literally." I said, my mind heading back to the tweet. I took a bite of my doughnut as Darrell scanned through her phone. She then squealed out of nowhere gaining the stares from people again.

She shoved her phone in my face as I re-read the tweet. I pushed it away from me and rolled my eyes. She knows i'm not a fan but she makes me suffer anyway. 

"They're here! We can meet them! Will Harry notice me? What if we end up sitting next to them? They're gonna be at the TC-" I shoved my hand on her mouth as people round us watched intently, I heard laughing and I whipped my head around to see the stupid band laughing at us in the distance. But one wasn't. Liam. 


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