love will be love.

Jessie and Louis hate each other there is no reason why they just do.But what happens when Jessie and her two best friends Reagan and Georgia have to work with Louis 5 best friends for a school performance. will Louis and Jessie become closer or grow further apart?


2. this cant be happening

no no no no just NO ahhhh this cant be happening im going to go crazy! "okay guys start to play out what's happening" mrs ferris says i roll my eyes stand up and follow reagan and georgia over to the boys "hello ladies' harry says "shut up harry" i say, that shut him up i sit down and sink into my seat "so how is this going to work" liam says "well i thought we could met up at jessie's place" reagan says "wait why mine!" i say jolting up in my seat "1 its bigger and 2 my parents woulnd let me have this many people around on a school night" reagan says "ugh" i groan "okay its a plan we meet at jessie's place after school" Georgia says " wait we dont no were she lives" zayn says "i know" louis says "wait how do you know" niall says "mine and her parents are good friends" he says i roll my eyes "then why-" harry starts "dont ask there no reason" i cut him off he shrugs his shoulder 

after school

"yup mums said i can say, gosh i sounded like we were little then" georgia says walking over i laugh yeah it did" i say "what about you reags" "yup i can" she says

at home 

we arrive home about 20 minutes later "thank god it friday" i say while diving face first into my bed they laugh my little brother noah rushes in "mum said its just us tonight!" he says he loves it when its just us "well sorry to disappoint you little brah it not just us tonight" i say his face drops "dam it who else is here" he asks " well theres gonna be me georgia reagan you and a couple of guys  from school" I say he grins " NO!" i yell he laughs "im joking" he says gosh hes like harry "jessie honey come here please " i hear my mum yell "be right backk" i say to reagan and georgia i run down stairs " so im guessing noah told you" my mum says "yeah he did were you going" i say " out with some friends... so jay louis mum said they were coimg around" she says putting in her other earring "yeah for a school project is that okay with you" i say "yeah thats fine" she says "just be nice" "ugh i will try" i says mum know me and louis dont get along i never told her she just figured it out "okay well i got to go i will be home late remember noah is in bed by 7:30" she says "yup like always" i says she kisses my cheek "bye sweetie" she says

hour later 

the doorbell rings the boys


short i know sorry :)

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