love will be love.

Jessie and Louis hate each other there is no reason why they just do.But what happens when Jessie and her two best friends Reagan and Georgia have to work with Louis 5 best friends for a school performance. will Louis and Jessie become closer or grow further apart?


3. and torture begins

the door bell rings.... the boys 

i hear Noah run down stairs i walk to the door but before i get there Noa has already opened the door he looks confused "Noah go back upstairs" i say "but-" "but no go upstairs" i cut him off he groans and walks up stairs "whos that" niall asks "my little brother noah" i turn around as see georgia and reagan coming in "hey guys" reagan says we all walk into the lounge i flop down on the couch and groan "so how are we going to do this?"reagan asks ''we need to pick a song" harry says "well nah" i say sarcastically everyone laughs "what about little mix wings" georgia suggested "im fine with that" liam says "but its a girls song" niall wines ''okay so everyone need to learn the words" reagan says "thats easy" zayn says "lets do this" harry yells i just randomly stand up and walk into the kitchen because i got hungry i grab a bag od chip and walk back in with the other, niall fake coughs i roll my eyes and give him some chips

'What now" louis says oh my gosh the boy actually talked for the first time since they got here ''we could watch a movie'' georgia says i grab my phone and look at the time "shitz' i say to my self "what" reags says "noah is ment to be in bed" i says standing up and walking up stairs "noah get in bed!" i yell at the top of my lungs "10 more minutes" he says " no now i gave you 15 minutes grace mum and dad would never let you do that" i say '' fine '' he groans after i got noah asleep i walk back down stairs were everone is aready getting comfortable for the movie "get off my seat" i say pointing to harry he puts his arms up like he surrenders and moves away its next to louis but its my seat no one sits in my seat "so what did you put in?'' i ask "paranormal activity 4" georgia says "oh gosh with movies scares me" 

half way through the move 

''ahhhhh!' i scream and put my head ing louis shoulder '' its okay jessie" he says i dont move wes cuddly like a ... teddy bear he leans him head on mine  i feel my self falling asleep before i know it im unaware of my surrounding...


lame i know sorry i wasnt up for writing today.... but i did anyway :)

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