love will be love.

Jessie and Louis hate each other there is no reason why they just do.But what happens when Jessie and her two best friends Reagan and Georgia have to work with Louis 5 best friends for a school performance. will Louis and Jessie become closer or grow further apart?


1. why them?

i walk through the school doors i stop and look around for my two best friends reagan and georgia i spot them over by our lockers i smile and walk over.

hey im jessie-may mccleary but people call me jessie. my two best friends reagan mckean and georgia 16 years old. in my family there is me my mum my dad my older sister jaimee and my younger brother noah and sadly in the middle family moved to doncaster just before my brother was born so that was about 6 years ago we are acually from new zealand. 

"hey jessie" reagan yells to me "hey guys" i say "how was your break" georgia say "really good we went home to new zealand for a while" i say :what about you guys" i ask "well my family didnt do much these holidays my sister came over from aussie thats pretty much it " reagan says reagan and georgia are both from new zealand aswell "what bout you georgia" i ask "didnt really do much aswell" she says " so i guess i had the most exciting holiday" i joke they laugh " i herd that mrs ferris is giving out a assignment today" reagan says "really on the first day" i say "yeah i think we have to work in groups" georgia says 'im so glad we got in the same music class this year" i say they both agree.i finish butting my books in my locker i close it and put the lock on. i turn around too see 5 guys walking our way "greeeaaat"i say its the 5 most popular guys in school number 1 harry style the flirt of the school he goes to one girl to another second niall horan the irish one i think he moved her in his first year of high school number 3 zayn malik meh hes alright he wont stop think about his hair though number 4 liam payne to be honest hes probably the nicest one of them all hes really sweet. and then theres number 5 louis tomlinson ugh.... we hate each other there is no reason way it was hate at first sight. they all walk past us 'ugh did you know they are all in our music class too' i say 'come one jessie their not that bad' reagan says i playfully roll my eyes the school bell rings "come on guys we better get to class' georgia say 

in music class

"okay welcome everyone to a new year i hope you all had a wonderful break" my music teacher mrs ferris  says "this year going to get right into work as you know at the end of every term we have a performance of what we have done for the last term well this year its going to be different. this year we are going to but you in groups of 8" she continues i put my hand up "yes jessie?" she smiles and asks "will we pick our groups" i ask "good question no you wont be picking your groups put i have seen who your friends are and i have tried as hard as i could to get you in the same group" she says i smile "anymore questions...... no okay so we will get you into your groups" she says she starts reading out names emma , alice , anna more people start leaving to find there groups then there is the last 8 i look around NO! no no no this can not be happeningim not spending a hole term this LOUIS! "and the rest of you are a group" my teacher says "NO!" me and louis both stand up at the same time and yell "yes i know you two dont get along well but this will give you time to bond" she says "but" louis says "no louis no buts" she say we both sit down with our arms crossed ugh how can this be happening 

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