Zayn Malik's Little Sister

Hi I'm Melissa Malik, you could say I'm any ordinary girl but I'm not. I have an older brother who is just the world to me, his name is Zayn Malik . Yes he is the Zayn from One Direction , I miss my brother and the boys because I don't see them any more . Zayn invited me to live in London during the summer with him and the lads. I move down there for the summer and stuff happen that I didn't except. Love, Fights, jealously, Breakdowns, and ...... keep on reading and find out <3


1. Life As Melissa Malik

Hi my name is Melissa malik, I'm 17years old. Let me tell you a little about me. I have dark brown eye and straight black hair and I'm 5'7 and I have a curvy body and yes zayn malik is my older brother.


"Melissa ur phone is ringing" my mom yelled from down stairs. "Okay mom ill be right down " I yelled from my room. I got up , went into the hallway passed my sister's rooms and and went down stairs into the living room." Mom, where's my phone at? " I asked. " in the kitchen honey "." Oh okay thanks mom". I walked into the kitchen. I picked my phone and looked at it, "missed called from ZAYN MALIK". Omg he called me, we haven't talked in a long time . One thing is me and zayn are really close . I return the call to him.

Zayn: hello

Me: hey big bro how is it going?

Zayn: Meliy was up baby sis, everything is fine here, how about you and the family over there

(One thing he called meliy cause when we were younger he use say it to me in "baby" voice just to annoy me and till this day he still does, but I gotten use to it).

Me: oh everything is fine but I miss you zayn , when are you coming back home?

I felt tears forming in my eyes, I throat getting dried, I try to hold it back but can't anymore I miss him so much. I knew it was his job and everything but I never get see him anymore and everything so different without him. I sob into the phone I just couldn't help it anymore.

Zayn: Melissa don't cry please, I miss you too and soon will be reunited again.

Me: o..o..okay i.....i just miss m..much

Zayn: why don't you move down here with me and the boys and I can see you every day.

Me: omg yes but what will mom say?

Zayn: leave that all to me, now go pack your stuff ok, ill pick u tomorrow at 5p.m okay meliy

Me: okay zayn bye love you

Zayn: love you too

I hang up the phone and put it in my back pocket and I ran upstairs into my room. I pulled out my suite case and started to packing.

Zayn P.O.V

Me: love you too

I hang up to my lil sis. I call my mom to tell her if Melissa could move in with me and the boys

Mum: hello

Me: hey mum

Mum: zayn babe how are u honey

Me: good mom I just wondering umm...

Mom: come on honey u could tell

Me: can Melissa move down here with me and the boys?

Mum: umm I don't know honey

Me: she misses me and she cried to me on the phone it broke my heart

Mum: okay Zayn she can but u better take care of her

Me: yes I will mum okay I got to go bye love you mum

Mum: I love you 2

I Hang up and leave my phone on my drawer next to my bed and walked out of my bedrom and into the living room.

Me: hey lads

I get full chorus of "hey"

Me: guess what? I have great news for y'all and me too

I took a seat next to Liam and Niall on the couch in the living room Louis and Harry where in "the" couple couch (Larry stylinson)

Louis: what is it? tell me!

Liam : come down Louis

Harry: what is it Bradford bad boi

Me: I told you not to call me that anymore c:

Niall: I'm hungry!

Liam:when are u not hungry!?

We all laugh at Niall , he pouted at us

Me: bud it's okay , the news is that Melissa is going to come and live with us .

I heard a chorus of yea's from the boys

Louis: I haven't seen meliy in a long time but I think the last time I saw her was at the x factor

Liam: has it been that long?

Niall: i think it has!?

Harry: wow time flys by fast!

Me: has it been that long since you guys have seen her?

they responded with Yep's

Me: here are the rules 1)nobody touches my sister 2) don't ask her out got it

Liam: got it

Louis: is the Bradford bad boi being overprotected over his lil sister .in his baby voice

Me: is not

Harry: aw Bradford bad boi getting mad

Niall: aw Zayn

Me: yeah whatever I'm going to pick her up tomorrow , you guys wanna come?

Louis: me

Liam: I will

Harry: I'll go

Niall: count me in

Me: okay it's settled, we're all going we leave at five tomorrow

I get another chorus of okay's

Me : we'll I'm go to sleep, nite lads

Lads: nite Zayn

Melissa P.O.V

I finished packing, I put my suitecase outside of my bedroom door . I went downstairs . "mum can I ask u something ?" . "Yeah sure honey what is it?". I was wondering if you could let live with Zayn and the boys?". "Zayn called and told me and yes you can go but better be on your best behavior Melissa ". " oh thanks mum I'll will be good , I love you so much " . " Melissa you better be on your best behavior got it "." yes mum, gosh! , I gotta go to sleep now, nite mum love you ". I give her a kiss and i head I up stairs into my bedroom and put on my PJ's and jumped in my bed awaiting my new day with Zayn and the lads.


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