Don't forget

The world has been completely shut down. I've been sent to the compounds in England because America was getting full. There 'new' rules are different because the are at war with Russia. All young girls must me let alone at 13. Every girl must be married by 16. The men lead the family. If they say set rules you follow them. I was put in a arranged marriage by the council because I lived alone at 15 with medical conditions.


1. Bruised

"Have a beautiful week and always walk in the path of the lord." The preacher said as the church bell rang. Church was my escape from the world, every time i had a chance to do something for the church i did. The world has completely gone mad over time, everyone is divided up in compounds and are told what to do and what to watch and eat and the weekends we got to do what ever we wanted. I's Sky Elizabeth Anderson and i'm in compound 565, there are very few people who believe in Jesus Christ and i'm one of them.

Church outfit:

"Um father Pate?" I called out running past the people walking out of the church. "Yes Sky how can help you?" He asked in a polite tone. "Are we having any after church activity's?" I asked. "No but maybe next week darling." he answered with a smile. "Thank you father." I said and walked out the empty church.

As i stepped out i found some guys standing by my car. "Um excuse me but that's my car, and i kinda need to go somewhere in it." I said. "Oh sorry the short one said.

He had ruffed up hair and broken teeth. I felt someone come up behind me and put me in a choke hold.

"Your not going anywhere." He huffed. I tried to scream but nothing came out. So I kicked him in the genitals with my white high heels. He fell back onto the ground and held himself in pain.

The other two grabbed my arms and pined me agents my car and the other one got up off the ground and dusted his self off. "This is going to be fun he reared back swung and hit me right in the eye.

I cried and screamed in pain as he hit and slapped me. "Ok man stop your going to kill her!" the guy with the broken teeth holding my right arm yelled. "Zayn stop if you kill her you'll be executed!" The boy on my left yelled.

I was getting week in the knees. The guys let go of me and pend back the guy named Zayn. He struggled to get out of there grip then finally he got out and charged for me grabbed my by the hair and throw me on the ground.

"Don't mess with me little Christian girl!" He yelled and walked away with the two other guys.

I cried on the hot drive way until i had enough strength to pull my self into my car. I turned on the air and rested my head on the steering will and prayed.

"Jesus tell me what just happened, what in there heart made the decide to beat me up? Pleas forgive them." I put my key in and drove to my house.

When i pulled up to my house some guy in a fancy outfit was holding a note. I got out of my car. "Can i help you?" i asked. "Miss.Sky Elizabeth Anderson i'm here on behalf of the Queen and there's a new law where if your under the age of 18 and you live by your self you mist have a husband of wife so we will be having you meet you future husband on Saturday at the town hall." He exclaimed. "If its by law i will do so." i said with a half smile. "Thank you for your time." he said and left in a police car.

I opened the letter with some guys profile. It was a guy with dark hair a beautiful flawless face dark brown eyes, almost like... My eyes widened and i screamed. It was the guy who had beat me up today my life was never going to be the same.
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