One Direction Imagines

Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction and leave a small scenario so i can work with it!(: oh and i don't do any dirty ones..


5. Yohana and Niall

You just came out of a one direction concert and you had the most amazing time of your life! You were walking out with your friend as you told her that you needed to use the restroom. You weren't sure where you were walking because it was a huge arena. but you finally found a bathroom. 

*flush* (sound affect lol)

you walked up to the sink that had a huge mirror. You washed your hands and looked up at yourself and said to yourself out loud.

"imagine meeting the boys, imagine if they liked me" you smiled like an idiot and looked down, drying your hands, beginning to think that that was impossible.

"why imagine? it's possible at any time" you jumped and looked up at the mirror and saw Louis standing right behind you. You couldn't believe what your eyes were seeing. he began to laugh.

"y-you're Louis Tomlinson!"

"Yes, yes  I am" he said smiling at you.

"Wow, i can't believe it's you! but what are you doing in a girls bathroom??" you asked puzzled.

"Haha, love. you're in the mens. I have to admit, i didn't expect such a lovely looking girl in here. so i'm shocked too." You begin to blush in embarrassment. How could you not know that you were in the boys bathroom! there was a urinal right there. 

"so about meeting the boys.." Louis began to say while his sparkling blue eyes starred into yours.

"you wana meet them?" You're shocked and immediately said yes.

you were walking through tons of doors; millions of guards, and then finally made it. made it in an empty room...

"Hold on, I'll be right back with them just wait patiently.. um.." he stopped talking because he didn't know your name.

"Yohana" you said knowing what to reply. "Beautiful name" he said smiling before he exited.

You sat down but quickly stood up as soon as you heard a familiar laugh. That laugh that was in all the one direction videos, the laugh that gave you the chills. of course, Nialls laugh(:

you turned towards the door to look at him, and as soon as he turned to look at you his eyes were quickly locked onto your eyes. he slowly began to walk towards you and it felt like it was only you two in the room, wait only you two in the whole world!

he was so close that you could feel his chest rise up and down. he was looking down on you and he slowly asked

"w-whats your name beautiful?"

"Yohana" you said in response. Louis pulled Niall back and said "hey give her some room to breathe! plus i saw her first" Louis grabbed your hand and slowly lifted it to his lips and pecked the top of your hand, you felt yourself blushing.

Next thing you know you realize that you're in a room with one direction cracking jokes, having a great time and niall has his arm around you. When Paul walked in to tell them that it was time to leave you were sad. You grabbed your sweater putting it on as you were standing up.

"it was really nice meeting all of you, really. a dream come true."

"it was great meeting you! you're really chill and we like that" zayn said. You walked out the door disappointed that your time with one direction was over but just when the door was about to shut you felt a hand grab your arm.

"You seriously aren't leaving without giving me your number, right?" you laughed as niall was gazing into your eyes.

Just as you were going to pull out your phone you felt Niall lift your chin and crashed his lips onto yours. first you were shocked but you went along. as he pulled away he said

"You have no idea how badly i wanted to do that". You pull him into a hug and said "I'm glad you didn't wait any longer" you two were smiling like crazy!

"Well, i have to go! but i'll call you as soon as i get on the bus" Niall said as he was being pulled away.

"I'll be expecting that call!" you yell back. then you turn around smiling at the ground not believing what just had happened. But you were excited to know what the future held for you two.

*ring ring ring ring*

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