One Direction Imagines

Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction and leave a small scenario so i can work with it!(: oh and i don't do any dirty ones..


2. Stephanie and Niall

You walked into your classroom taking your seat in the back of the class. You pulled out your binder when all of a sudden someone covers your eyes causing you not to see anything at all.

"Guess who?" You smiled knowing it was Niall by his thick Irish accent . "Could it be Niall?" You said.

"Aw man! How'd you know?! It's no fun if you know who it is" He said said releasing his hands. You turned around and said "Well.. you do it every morning and your the only one in this class with an irish accent" He smiled and softly pecked you on your lips. "You're too smart babe." You giggled and turned around to face the front.


As soon as the bell rang you and Niall walked out of class hand in hand walking down the hall. You two noticed all the fliers on the walls about Prom happening in about a week.

"How are you going to ask me babe? With roses and balloons?" Niall asked being silly.

"Oh babe i'm going to buy you a pink princess dress to wear to prom" You said joking back. Niall laughed and said

"As long as we don't wear the same dress" he winked and continued to say "Okay, seriously babe, How do you want me to ask you to prom? Tell me and i'll do it exactly how you want it" He stood in front of you looking straight into your brown eyes. You took a while to think, you didn't really want him to make it such a big deal, just as long as you went with him.

"Just be creative, i don't want you to go all out. Okay?" You said to him "Okay, that doesn't really tell me much but i'll try! I gotta go to class, i'll drive you home after school." He said as he kissed you on the cheek and walked away. You felt yourself smiling like an idiot walking into your class. You just couldn't wait to see what Niall is going to do to ask you to prom.


You sat under the tree you and Niall always sit under for lunch. You pulled out an apple and took a bite out of it, then you felt Niall come up from behind you to sit down behind you. You leaned back on him and lightly kissed him on the lips. You couldn't help but notice that he smelled like vanilla, and you absolutely loved the scent of vanilla.

"Is it me or do you smell vanilla?" You asked him. "Oh yeah, in one of my classes we were making vanilla ice cream, i guess the scent just stuck to me". You smelled him and smiled. "Hahaha, creepy much?" Niall said "Sorry i just absolutely love the smell of vanilla" You said embarrassed. "Oh well then sniff me away" He winked at you. "That's interesting.. i never knew that about you" he continued to say. "Yeah, well now you do" You glanced at him smirking.


You walked to the school's parking lot with Niall holding hands. He opened the passenger door for you and closed it after you went in. He turned on the engine and drove off. It was quiet so you turned on the radio. The whole ride was a strange quiet, almost awkward, which was weird because with Niall it's never quiet. He pulled into your driveway and stopped the car. You look over to face him. He began to nervously scratch the back of head and constantly fixing his quiff.

"What's wrong?" you asked him.

"Uhh.. babe, I know this is kinda weird.." you looked at him with concern "Can i have your mum's number?" he finished saying. You raised your eyebrow thinking it was a joke and began to laugh. He joined in laughing too. "No haha babe i'm not asking because i'm interested in your mum, just in case" You nodded and gave it to him, kissed him bye and walked into your house


"STEPHANIE PLEASE GET READY WE'RE GOING OUT TO DINNER AS A FAMILY!" your mom said from downstairs. Family dinner? you thought to yourself. "Family dinner? but we never do that on a school night" You said to your mom as you walked down the stairs. "Well, it's time to change things up a bit" your mom said putting on a coat. You also grabbed your coat and walked out into the car and as a family you guys drove to a restaurant.


It's been a while since you guys have had a nice family dinner, you enjoyed it. Your mom parked the car out in the street so you had to walk up the drive way and when you walked up the driveway you began to smell vanilla. Excitingly wanting to know what it was; you raced up the driveway! and in front of you, you see lit candles, about a hundred candles lit, spelling out: "PROM?"You felt all warm and squeezy inside as a huge grin grew on your face. You looked up and saw Niall standing there with a single rose. He walked up to you slowly, got down on one knee and held the rose up and said. "Stephanie, will you do me the honor and go to prom with me?" You immediately took the rose and said yes a million times. You were so happy, he embraced you in a tight hug, giving a bunch of little kisses.


You were wearing a long, silky, pearl white, strapless dress, with your black haired curled into a messy bun. Niall was wearing a tuxedo and he gave you a corsage matching the one he had in his chest pocket. You guys arrived at the school's prom in a limo with all your friends. As soon as you entered the dance, you instantly pulled Niall out on the dance floor. It's been about an hour, and then a slow song came on. Niall pulled you in, resting his hands on your waist, you held him with your arms wrapped around his neck. You guys were gently rocking back and forth under the glistening Disco ball, you didn't want the moment to end.

When the song was over, he grabbed your hand pulling you outside leading you into the school's garden. You two laid down on the grass admiring the Bright moon and Shining stars. He reached to hold your hand intertwining his fingers in yours. "This is the best night, ever. I can't think of anything better" You smiled and looked up at him. "I feel the same" you said smiling. He slowly tilted his head leaning in to kiss you. He kissed you like never before, it was a very  passionate kiss.

"Promise to always be my side?" You asked him

"I promise, i'll never leave your side"



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