One Direction Imagines

Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction and leave a small scenario so i can work with it!(: oh and i don't do any dirty ones..


4. Elise and Liam

You walk through the doors entering your High School. As you walked down the hallway to go to class you noticed a bunch of posters and banners advertising Homecoming. Then it hit you. Literally, you walked straight into a Homecoming banner, hitting you right in the face. You fell backwards landing on the floor; you tried getting up but you couldn't. Then you saw a hand out for your reach. You grabbed it as it pulled you up facing a cute brunette guy with big brown eyes. You couldn't help but stare at him, you were so shocked at how beautiful he was. 

"Are you alright love?" he asked in a British accent.

"Uhhm.. yeah i'm fine, my head just hurts a bit" you managed to say back.

"How bout i take you to the nurse." he said as he put his arm around your shoulder leading you down the hall

"I'm Liam by the way, i'm really sorry bout hitting you with that banner" He said looking deep into your Hazel Brown eyes.

"I'm Elise and It's fine, i'm okay, so you don't have to feel bad" you said starring back into his Chocolate eyes.

"I'll admit, i couldn't help but laugh a bit. It was pretty funny." He said chuckling. You punched him playfully as you said 

"How rude!" but you also couldn't help but laugh. You two walked into the nurses' office; she walked up to you and asked

"What happened honey?" Liam answered explaining how he wasn't paying attention putting up a sign and that you happened to walk straight into it causing you to fall on the ground hitting your head.

"Well sugar, all we need is to get you a pack of ice for that head of yours and you'll be fine and dandy baby gurl." the nurse said opening the freezer handing you an ice pack. 

"Soo uh you two dating?" the nurse asked looking at the both of you. You looked at Liam as he began to blush and looked down smiling, you turned to the nurse and said

"Oh no we're not dating, we actually just met when i walked into the banner" you began to feel your cheeks get red too.

"Haha well ain't that something! Things happen for a reason ya know?" she said writing a pass for you to go to class.

"uh. yeah? things do happen for a reason.. i guess" you said back to her sounding unsure.

"Well, go on. Go to class, You'll survive baby gurl" She said turning around back to her desk. You and Liam thanked her and walked out of her office.

"That was..awkward haha" Liam said looking at the ground. You nodded in agreement not saying anything because you were to embarrassed of what just happened.

"Well my class is downstairs" Liam said standing in front of you. "So uh, i guess i'll see you around?"

"Yeah, i'll see you around" You said back to him not wanting to say goodbye. Right then and there you two walked in separate ways.


You sat on a bench under a tree eating a slice of pizza. For some reason Liam kept running through your mind a lot, all you did in class was space out and daydream about him. Your phone vibrated as you got a text from your friend saying she's out of town for the rest of the week, which sucks because now you're going to be alone during lunch and be walking home alone after school too. When you put your phone away and looked up you saw Liam from a distance. He saw you too and waved hi, you waved back. You smiled looking down at the ground when you faced up Liam was walking towards you.

"Hey Elise" he said sitting in front of you. "Hey Liam"

"So uhh.. why you all by yourself?" he asked concerned "My friend is out of town for the rest of the week"

"Oh, well mind if i sit here with you?" "Not at all! As long as i have your soda" You said winking at him.

"Only a sip" he said winking back. "Look" he said pointing at the balloons. Someone was getting asked to homecoming. "Are you going?" he asked you.

"Um.. i'm not sure, my friend is out of town so she won't be there, so i doubt it." you said looking down.

"Aww c-mon! It'll be a lot of fun!" he said. then the bell rang. "I gotta go, can't be late!" he said sprinting to class.


You began to walk home when a car pulled up in front of you. You were a little creeped out until you noticed it was liam. "Want a ride cutie?" he said with a cute smile. You blushed and  looked around, and saw no reason why not. so you jumped into the drivers seat. Then he drove off. He took a left turn, when he should of taken a right.

"Uhm. Liam. you took the wrong turn"   "No i didn't.." you looked at him confused as he had a smirk on his face. You had no clue where he was going. He soon pulled into a packed parking lot. You looked around and saw a bunch of people, you also saw cotton candy, churros(a sweet, crispy mexican bread thingy) and hotdog stands. Of course you guys are at the fair! The fair only came once a year in your town, but you never really go to it. He held out his hand and he quickly rushed you to the line for the Farris-wheel. "Why are we here?" you asked him. "Just to have a bit of fun, also to get to know you a bit love". You just smiled at the ground and began to feel butterflies in your stomach.

You guys are at the very top on the Farris-wheel. You were holding onto the seat very tight. a bit scared, okay terrified. Liam kept looking down; gazing at something. "What are you looking at?" You asked him not letting go of your grip. "Oh just something really cool, come and see for yourself" he said trying to let you go of the seat. You trust him and lean over to his side. And right there, at the bottom. You see H O M E C O M I N G? in huge poster paper that people were holding up. "Woah, that's cute. I wonder who's getting asked" you said admiring the signs. Liam playfully punched your arm. "It's you silly!" Your eyes open wide as your left speechless. He pulls out a rose that seemed to come out of thin air. "Elise, I would be the luckiest guy on the earth if you would go with me to the dance". You couldn't believe it, you threw your arms in the air and yelled yes a million times. He embraced you tight into a hug and literally thousands of balloons were released into the air surrounded you two. "Wow, you really went through all this trouble just for 1 dance?" you said to him. " And you're worth it all" as he leaned in to kiss you. 

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