One Direction Imagines

Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction and leave a small scenario so i can work with it!(: oh and i don't do any dirty ones..


3. Celeste and Harry

"What's going on??" You said excited to Harry. You were blind folded so you had no idea where you're at, or where you're going, but you did know you were in a car.

"It's a surprise babe!" Harry said in a very eager tone. You and Harry have been going out for six months now, and you are currently in Los Angeles, ever since you two met in front of the London tower you two hit it off really well. The only bad part about the relationship is that it was a secret, only management and the boys knew about it. Harry did it so that no one would hurt you, and so you wouldn't have to deal with cameras flashing in your face all the time,he did it to protect you. In a way you understood, he's that over-protective boyfriend of yours, but at the same time you wanted to be with him in public without having to worry.

"The ride is going to be long, so get comfortable." He said informing you. "comfortable? what? why is it going to be long? where are we going?" you asked again. "OH! and stay under this blanket! it's bout to get colder later" he said ignoring your questions and covering you with a warm blanket. You had so many questions, but there was no use of asking because he wouldn't answer. "Fine, if you won't tell me anything then i guess i'll just go to sleep!" you said to him. "Haha sounds good babe, go to sleep" he leaned over and kissed you on the cheek. You pulled the lever to make the seat lean back so you were comfortable enough to sleep. And within seconds you past out.

5 pm

You felt the car stop and you heard the car door slammed shut. You woke up still blind folded, you began to feel your skin get goosebumps as cold air hits your body. You felt the passenger door open and heard "Ah, good! your awake babe! C'mon i got you". You felt Harry's arms tightly wrapped around you as he lifted you out the car and onto the ground. "W-w-why is i-i-it s-s-so c-cold?" you said to him shivering"and w-why i-is the g-ground so m-m-mushy??" You asked him. "Hahaha, i told you to get warm, i warned you it was going to get colder" he said as he rubbed your arms trying to heat you up. "Can i t-take off t-the blind f-f-fold now?" He turned you around untying the knot from the blindfold, revealing your eyes to see thick blankets of snow. You immediately turned around and jumped on Harry kissing him because you've been bugging him that you wanted to go to the snow. "You're the best! how long are we going to stay here for?" you asked him still hugging him. "Erm.. Just for the weekend." he answered. You just couldn't stop grinning, and your smile would always make him smile. He intertwined his fingers with yours as he led you into a cabin.

"What do you wana do?" Harry asked you. "I'm kinda in the mood for some hot chocolate". "Coming right up!" he said while going to the small kitchen area in the cabin. He comes back with 2 large mugs with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and small marshmallows. You took a sip and snuggled up next to Harry on the couch. "We should rest because we're going to do so much tomorrow!" Harry said as he stroked your black hair. "What do you have planned?" you said looking right into his bright green eyes. "We're just going to have some fun" he said smirking.


Your were peacefully sleeping until Harry began to jump on your bed yelling in your face "TIME TO WAKE UP!". You rolled over covering your face with your pillow not wanting to get up. Then all of a sudden Harry ripped the blankets off you causing you shiver. "C-C-mon Harry. It's r-really cold. g-give it b-b-back." You said to him with puppy dog eyes. "W-w-well your j-just g-gona have t-to get it!" Harry said mocking you. He pulled over the sheets behind his back like a cape and ran outside. You giggled and decided to play along. When you ran outside he was no where to be found. You look around and you don't see him anywhere. You began to worry, plus it was freezing! Then you feel Harry's strong arms embracing you from behind. "Holy crap! You scared me" Harry chuckled as he picked you up and carried you back into the cabin. "Get dressed we're going to spend a lot of time in the snow today"


Today the campsite was really crowded, which is weird because you're never in crowded places with Harry, due to the fact that people start rumors and accusations. You guys began to build a snowman and who knew it was so much work!? Of course you two had a couple snow fights here and there, which would eventually lead to him kissing you. You just knew he did it on purpose, he would find any excuse to kiss you all the time. But you absolutely loved it. Then some girl interrupted and said "WOAH, your Harry Styles! Can i get a picture with you" Harry agreed and took a picture. Then she turned to look at you. You gave her a smile but she just gave you a dirty look. "Ew, who are you?" she said. You looked down feeling sad. Harry immediately said "Do not talk to her like that! You don't know her!". "What is she like your girlfriend, or more like a tool?" You could see Harry's face grow mad. "ACTUA-" he stopped himself "-..uhm.. she's just a friend of mine. but you have no right to disrespect her like that" he continued to say. "Haha good, you can do so much better" the ignorant girl said walking away. Harry turned to you and asked if you were okay. You just nodded but really you were devastated. "Hey we still have to finish our snowman! He's looking gre-" He stopped talking as soon as he saw you were walking away in tears. He ran to catch up to you. He turned you around to face him.

"Celeste, you have no idea how much i wanted to tell her that your my girlfriend, but you know i can't. I don't want you to get hurt. That stupid girl is a perfect example of what I'm protecting you from" He said starring deep into your blue eyes. All you could do is nod. He sighed and held you tightly in a hug. Then the worst thing ever stormed over.. Paparazzi.

They flashed cameras everywhere, you were practically blinded. All you could hear is "Harry what's new?" "Is this your girlfriend?" "Since when did you have a lady friend?" "Harry" "Harry". You were annoyed and turned to walk away. But Harry had a tight grip on your arm and pulled you into his arms.

"Actually" he began to say "This is Celeste, and she is my girlfriend. We've been dating for 6 months and nothing else could make me happier." He said smiling down at you. You couldn't have been anymore happier. You two are finally official! He leaned in and kissed you as they snapped pictures.

You two spent your days in the snow without a care in the world. You two were happier than ever. You knew nothing could ever break you two apart.


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