One Direction Imagines

Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction and leave a small scenario so i can work with it!(: oh and i don't do any dirty ones..


1. Here's A Sample(: (Y/N) and Louis(It's pretty long)


You hit the snooze on the annoying alarm. You look at the clock to see it's 9 am. You look down on the floor to see rose petals on the floor leading into the Master bathroom. You smile knowing  your boyfriend Louis did this. Today's yours and Louis 3 year anniversary. You're so happy that you guys have been together for 3 whole years! It's a bit harsh dating a celebrity due to all the hate, rumors and him being away a lot. Yet you guys managed to work through it. You slide off the bed to walk onto the petals and when you reached the door you slowly opened it to find the bathtub full of warm water and foamy bubbles sitting on top. You noticed there were scented candles lit around the tub and you took a deep breath in to inhale the wonderful sent of cinnamon, he knew it was favorite smell ever. You slip off your clothes and slide into the warm water and relaxed in there thinking this is going to be the best day ever...


You reached over the tub to get a towel, without looking, but instead of a towel there was piece of paper. It was a red piece of paper cut into a demented heart. You smiled at the heart because it was cute. It read:

Morning Beautiful! And happy Anniversary!! It's been three amazing years spent with you love. Hope you enjoyed your bath, wish i was in there with you(; I'm actually at an interview right now :( but i want you to get ready because we're going out later tonight. I CAN'T WAIT! xx Louis p.s You know how much i suck at being crafty! This Heart looks like it was cut by a 6 year old!

You giggled at the note and went to dry off.. You put on some leggings and a loose top and started to walk downstairs. You began to smell bacon. "bacon?" you just thought you were that hungry you started to smell bacon! You walk into the kitchen to see 3 complete strangers. But they weren't complete strangers, they were chiefs!

"Good Morning (y/n)"

"uh.. Good morning to you too!" you said with a smile but you were a bit confused why they were here.

"Don't worry your boyfriend Louis hired us to make you breakfast on your guys' three year anniversary! Congratulations!" the chief said. Now that made sense to why they're here. You couldn't help but blush as you walked around the table to sit on a stool. "We only made your favorites!" He said as he revealed 4 different plates. One had waffles stacked with the butter melting on top as the syrup dripped on the sides, the second on had scrambled eggs with 2 sausage links and 3 pieces of bacon, the third was a bowl with plain yogurt and the fourth had varieties of fruits with rolled oats to go into the yogurt.

"Wow this is amazing" you said as you were eating the home-made waffles.

"Haha why thank you, well our work here is done enjoy your food, and the rest of your day with that lovely boyfriend of yours! Good bye now (y/n)" He said as he walked off out of the door.

"Good bye! and thanks for the breakfast!"

30 minutes later you finished that amazing meal and went into the living room to watch some t.v. Your phone began to vibrate it was Louis! You quickly answered

"Hey babe! Happy Anniversary, how are you doing beautiful?" he asked

"Happy Anniversary! Well i'm kinda sad that your not here at this moment, but the bath was AMAZING, the chiefs make the absolute BEST waffles EVER! thank you sooo much i just loved it a lot."

"I'm glad you loved it, but this day isn't over yet, unfortunately i'm stuck here until 7:30, just get ready okay babe?"

"Okay, what do you have planned? So i can find something to wear"

"I can't tell you.. it's a surprise! just go into the closet! gotta go bye! love you!" and with that he hung up.

Go into the closet?? You ran upstairs excited to see what else he has left for you. You open the door to your walk in closet to find a Beautiful one shoulder black/sparkly short tight dress hanging on the wall across the closet. You slowly walk up to it and admire how gorgeous it is. You start looking around for some shoes when you spotted a bright red box. You've never seen that box before. You opened it to see black and silver colored heels that go perfect with the dress and in the box was a note "Gotta have my babe looking hot(;"  You laugh to the note and grab your phone to text him "This is just perfect i love it, thank you so much" he texted back "I knew you would love it(; get some rest babe i'll pick you up at 8"

You jumped onto your bed and starred up at the ceiling just trying to picture how amazing tonight is going to be. You slowly began to drift off into sleep..

5 pm

You woke up and walked into the bathroom and washed your face and began do your hair and make-up. Then you painted your nails; waited for them to dry and went to put on the dress and heels.


You rushed downstairs to open the door and saw Louis standing with a bouquet of roses you hugged him as tight as you could and kissed him.
"Happy Anniversary!" you both said  at the same time. He was wearing a tuxedo with a bow-tie. He walked you into his car and you two drove off. He suddenly stops and looks at you and says

"Close your eyes" you looked confused. "It's okay i'll guide you" he continued. You do as your told and 5 minutes later you reached your destination. "are you ready babe?" he asked sounding excited. "open your eyes"

You opened them to find yourself on a boat! A boat! "WOW! this is beautiful!" you turned and hugged him. He walked you over to the dinner table which already had your dinner on there with a bottle of Champagne. While you guys were eating he kept making you laugh and you two talked about the all the wonderful memories you two have had. When you finished eating he stood up to ask you to dance, you giggled and went along. You guys were rocking back and forth under the full moon to light music. "This is just perfect" You said looking up at him. "It's only perfect because you're here" he said. You look down and smile when he lifted up your chin and said "And my life would be perfect if it's spent with you". He slowly got down on one knew, reached into his pocket to pull out a small box. You're shocked to this surprise. "(y/n) we've been together for 3 years now and i feel like this is the perfect moment to ask what i've been wanting to ask for a while now.." You look deep into his bright blue eyes as he takes a deep breath and says "(y/n) Will you marry me?" A tear began to stroll down your cheek; tears of joy. "YES! Of course i will!" A giant smile grew on his face as he slides down the ring on your finger. You pull him into a deep kiss which felt like fireworks. It felt so much like fireworks that.."Fireworks??" you looked up at the night sky to see fireworks. "It felt like the right thing to do" he said to you with a cheeky smile. You smiled back, knowing that you're happily going to spend the rest of your life with him.

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