One rule, no flirting! (1D)

Angelica Tomlinson is the name of the worldfamous Louis Tomlinson's littlesister. The only problem is, that she doesn't know it yet. Angelica is 20 years and live alone in her own house, whose she has did since she was 18. She doesen't knew she was Louis Tomlinson's sister, because she is growed up in a foster family, and when she came home one day, there was five crazy boys (along his unknown brother Louis Tomlinson) who had invaded her appartement.
The others used to be: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. The five boys have lost their home they ealier had, and their only possibility was, to move into Angelica's appartement and hope that she can take it.
Louis has always knew about his sister, but how would she respond, because she doesen't know anything about Louis. Or only that he is a worldfamous singer, and that he is a member of One Direction. There is no doubt about, that it will become a challence for Angelica, and who know, what there suddenly happens?


1. Prolog

Louis synsvinkel 


I get the door closed after the boys have gone inside, I turn around and let go of the door handle. Where’s the boys gone now? I turn my head again, and see that they’re looking in a photograph on the wall. It’s a picture of Angelica. They haven’t met her yet, I haven’t met her either, but how can they just stand and stare like that? “Your sister is beautiful Louis. 

It’s Harry. Of course. Even though I haven’t met my sister yet, the brother feeling is already growing inside me. I take a few steps closer to him, and with a coughing sound, I get them to look at me, and away from the photograph of Angelina.

“One Rule”
I say. I look firmly at them, and notice that Niall is rolling his eyes, which probably means that he already knows what comes next.

I make my stare more serious to show them, that I really am serious.

“No flirting”

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