<3 Two bestfriends, live with each other in their flat in London, England. It all starts with One Direction tickets, and back stage passes, but that's just the beginning. They meet, and what will blossom? Love? Friendship? Both? Or maybe will the past come back to haunt them. Michaela a sweet,funny,carefree girl, with medium length brown hair, has her eye on a special leprechaun. Nicole, a sarcastic,funny,nice girl, and layered to the side black hair, has her eye on a curly headed flirt. <3


1. Bribes&Fangirls


Nicoles POV;

"Look at Niall! Oh my gosh!" Michaela squeals as we watch 'Up All Night Tour' , she grabs another handful of M&M's and stuffs them in her mouth. I jump and put my hands over my ears.

"That was my ear.." I grumble and flick her in the ear with my fingers.

"Giiiiiiirrrrrl, I'm just kidding, but really look, I mean look at him. Ah I just love him." she sighs happily as she bounces on the couch to the beat of 'Everything About You', shaking me in the process, while I'm trying to take a drink of my Moutain Dew and its an epic fail, without the epic part.

"You've never met him." I say raisin my eyebrow at her.

"Sooo, you haven't met Harry." she huffs, and crosses her arms across her chest and 'mhms' me. I send her an evil glare.

"Shut up!" I snap at her trying to hide my smile, but failing at something again.

"Well if i met them i wouldnt fan girl." she says with a grin across her face, I know this girl to well, she won't fan girl, she'll be speechless and stare. But she soon starts talkin then she doesn't shut up, she's very outgoing when It comes to boys. Most of her friends are guys, well so are mine.

"Me neither. Well i'll try not too. Harry doesn't like it." I sigh.

"You had a lot of crooks tryna steal
heart, never really had luck, couldnt
never figure out, how to love."

Michaela and me both dive for her iphone that's laying on the floor ringing. I grab for It as we land with a thud on the soft carpet, but Michaela bites my hand, and looks at her phone then answers It as I sit back on the couch, and pout.

Michaela's POV;

My phone started to ring, and me and nicole dive for my iphone, I land on nicoles back and see her hand reach for my phone, so I grab her hand and lift It to my mouth, and bite her flesh, while grabbing my phone and looking at the caller I.D. Its my aunt lynn.

"Hello" I speak into the phone cheerfully. I hear people laughing in the background then heard aunt Lynn's voice.

"Hey Kay Kay" she says,Kay Kay is my family nickname. I hate It, but they like the nickname, I rather think its quite embarrassing.

"Hey aunt Lynn. Whats goin on ?" I ask as I walk towards the kitchen, I hate talking on the phone when there is someone else in the room, It just makes me feel uncomfortable.

"Well, i have a surprise for you and Nicole. Well your birthday just passed and Nicole's is coming up and im kind of bribing you with this" she says and waits for me to say something. What could she be bribing me with?

"Bribing me to do what?" I ask as I stand on my tippey toes to look at myself in the window just a little bit over the sink, and to look at the great veiw we have of the London Eye. Basically. I'm short. Very short. Don't judge me people!

"I'll get you two One Direction front row tickets and backstage passes, IF.."she says sounding like a movie narrator cliffhanger.

"If what ?" I ask stumbling around a little bit and holding onto the side of my kitchen sink.

"If you watch Kylah for a week while im in the Bahamas" she says real fast, luckily I speak fast, so I can understand her cleary. I groan. Kylah is my 'Niece', were not related at all, but I helped raise her so mine as well call her family. Long story short she's evil, and a brat. Oh, did I mention she's a 7 year brat?

"Were all the way in London" I groan again, scrathing the back of my neck in the process, I began to kick my leg to the side.

"I'll send her down, i don't leave for three weeks" She says trying to cheer me up more, because I'm so exstatic.

"When is the concert ?" I sigh.

"In two weeks"

"Let me talk to Nicole, i'll call you back" I say as I hang up. I really hope she hung up to, because she don't likey when I do thaty.

I walk back into the livingroom to see Nicole dancing crazy on the couch, with the remote in her hand lip singing, 'Up All Night' as she flips her hair around. I chuckle silently and pull my phone out of my pajama pocket. I record her for a couple of minutes, then finally realizes that I'm recording her.

"You didn't?" she says in the 'Oh No You Didnt' voice.

"Girrrl, but I did" I smile and stick my tongue out at her. And with that Nicole starts charging at me. I scream and run around the coffee table, but crazy ole' Nicole steps onto the table and tackles me to the ground.

"Give me your phone!" she screams fighting her way to my phone, the phone slips out of my grip and she grabs It. "Haha!" she chuckles, little did she know, I posted It to twitter, and youtube.

"Get off, I have some exciting, and some not so exciting news." I mumble out, with half my face pressed against the carpet, leaving carpet prints on my cheek. Nicole climbs off.

"Like?" Nicole asks as she hands me back my phone, and we sit on my L shaped sectional couch, I would say ours, but I bought It.

"So aunt lynn called." I say smiling like an idiot.


" Okay,She wants us to baby sit Kylah in three weeks, she's bribing us with 1D tickets." I grin. Nicole's face was priceless, i thought she was gonna faint, i didnt know how i was gonna tell her they are front row AND backstage passes. I didnt want a dead bestfriend. Especially with Kylah coming in a few weeks. "They're front row and backstage passes." I squel and grab her hands and shake them with joy. Nicole stares at me, then we jump up screaming things like 'Oh yeah' 'Partytime' "Niall will love me, I want to lick his abs" I squeal and Nicole stops jumping and shakes her head in disaproval.
"Took It to far, didn't i?" she nods and we began to run around the whole flat.

Nicole's POV;

Michaela just told me that her aunt would get us 1D tickets if we baby sit Kylah. Im so excited, but im not excited to baby sit a 7 year old thats been a brat since she was 4 . But its for One Direction . Harry, Liam,Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Those 5 guys. So cute, so sweet, so talented. Just. Unbelievable. After I finish running around the whole flat screaming with Michaela we walk back down to the kitchen and sit at the island.

"So whens the concert?" i ask, looking at a hyper michaela.

"In two weeks. Oh i gotta call aunt Lynn back." she pulls out her phone and talks to her aunt for a few seconds then hangs up and turns to me with a pervert grin going on.

"Okay, im so excited and so hyper. I have so much energy. Lets do something." she squeals jumping up and down on the island swival chair. I thought for a second. I knew just the place, and its the perfect night and weather for It.

"London Eye." I state, not like a question. More like were going whether you like it or not broski.


We were still in our pajamas so we got changed. Michaela changed into a hot pink cami, and a black cardigan,black skinny jeans, hot pink Nike Dunks, and she curled her hair. My hair is parted to the side and layered so i just left it down straight. I wore a hot blue crop top ( with a white tank top under it ) some blue distressed skinnys, and my adidas slip ons. "Mhm, girl looking good" Michaela says as she checks herself out, she laughs when she notices I heard and saw what she had just said.

"You're so conceited!" I joke.

"No, its called looking good, and knowing how good you look, there's a difference, hater" she laughs and grabs her over the shoulder purse, and shows It over her head. "Leggo shawty" Michaela screams.

We started to walk towards the london eye, since we do live right by it. Its about a five minute walk or less, perks of living in London, its such a beautiful city, especially when you see it from the top of the city, the scene, is just. Breathtaking.When we got there we seen 5 guys, 4 brunettes, and blonde that looked oddly way to familiar.

"Five smoking fit guys at 2 o'clock" Michaela smiles nudging me.

Michaela's POV ;

Nicole, being regular ole' Nicole, drags me closer to the boys. Immediately, i see him, blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes. Niall Horan. He turns around and his eyes meet mine, and i feel my heart melt, and my stomach flutters with butterflys. No guy has ever had this effect on me, and he does. Ive never even talked to him a day in my life. "N-niall!" i whisper to nicole. As soon as we noticed them it seemed like every other girl there did too. Girls flocked them. Screaming, pushing, clawing just to get to the famous five boys. Our first up close look of 1D, and Niall looked at me. Could this day get any better?


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