karma really is a b*tch

what happen when one girl can destroy a whole band in two months just because of her insecurities?
what happens if the boys can accomplish their mission and have to leave the band just because karma its a b*tch ?

if you wanna know the mission and what happens read on !


1. start to know me!

people always say karma is a bitch well she is . this is my story my name is Kate I'm 18 and i have serious problem i'm afraid of people well good looking people i guess afraid is not the right word but low self confidence it is . last year it was my last year of high school and i decide to get the boy i like but what happen when i did it , it really was a surprise .

flash back......

today was the day that i would confess to chris he was the guy that i always like and to day i decide to tell him . "hey chris how are you " i ask him we were in lunch and he pass by so i stop him and ask him if we can talk and he say yes "i'm good and you " he ask wow he is really cute"i'm good "i say back "so what is it that you wanna talk about" he ask a little annoyed i could tell by his voice "i just want to tell you that i really like you and that i would like to go out with you"i tell him omg i tell him " sorry but i don't think that i could go out with a girl like you " hey say i was just confused and i feel like my heart broke in million of pieces"what you mean when you say a girl like me" i ask scared of the answer " i mean i girl like you , i'm sorry but you are just ugly i know you have a nice body and everything  but i would only see as girl for a fun night but even for that i would get a dark room so i don't have to see your face I'm sorry if i hurt you its how i feel sorry " tears star to fall and he just stand up and go to his friend with a smile on his face i just hear the bell ring but i was like i shock i couldn't move or do anything i just felt like i was the most stupid girl in the world if chris think that about me then everybody and every boy must think like that about me then i was broken . hurting me saying all that stuff wasn't the only thing he do later that day he post a status on facebook saying that the most ridiculous and ugliest girl in the school confess to him to day and he tag me lost of people were saying nasty thing about me and that destroy me . 

end of flash back.......

so thats why i get super extra insecure i graduate that year and like 3 moths later my mom died and i have to go live with my favorite uncle 'uncle si like i call him and all most all of his client call him  i haven't see him in awhile because me and my mom live in California and uncle si live in England now i have to move there i try to convince him to let me stay in cali but he refuse to the idea of me living by my self i didn't  like the idea of me moving to England because every girl in there look like model and i hate  good looking people but i guess i don't have a choice so i was flying to England in tree days i only hope that my uncle would let me stay all day at the house and don't make me go out with him and i hope he don't freak out when he sees me i change a lot since the last time he saw me i'm always in dark clothes and hoodies i don't like people looking at my face .

i just hope that this new life would go easy on me and karma don't chase but i guess i could be wrong.

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