Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


4. The Redo Day.


*Liam's POV*

Hadn't had any sleep. Arguing. Mystery girl? Lauren. She left for the night. Hotel. Reputation? Ruined.

*Laurens POV*

I stood in front of the closet wrapped in my towel trying to figure out what I was going to wear. The first thing that I took off the hanger was a soft, royal blue shirt that tied in the front. I then grabbed a pair of grey wool leggings and a sleeveless black cardigan. I put the outfit on over my my matching purple underwear and bra. I went back to my bathroom and dug through the laundry basket looking for my maroon skinnies that held my phone. I grabbed them and got a hold of my phone. I threw my dirty pants on the white tile floor in the bathroom and looked at the time. 10:43 am. Plenty of time to do nothing but wait. I traveled to my bed and plopped myself on the floor. I searched for my light brown moccasins. I found them side by side under the middle of my bed. I stood and slipped each foot in it’s right pair. I looked into the tall mirror and noticed that my eyes were on the grey side today. I don’t even know what Liam’s going to say when he first sees me with all this drama going on. I walked out into the hall and my dad’s bedroom door was still closed. Today’s saturday so that allowed him to sleep in. I calmly walked down the stairs into the living room. I grabbed the remote from the couch and turned the tv on. I flipped through the channels till I got to 36. I wanted my thoughts to be happy so saturday morning cartoons were on that list. I watched the last 10 minutes of tom and jerry. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my keys then placed them into a pocket in my cardigan. They jingled as i walked to a drawer at the counter and pulled it open. I grabbed a red pen and tapped it on my thigh to get it working. I uncapped it and neatly wrote: out running errands, don’t know when I’ll be back, call me if anything. I folded it in half and ran through the living room, up the stairs, to my dad’s bedroom door.  I slipped it under, knowing he wouldn’t miss it because his room was always spotless, unlike mine. I went into the spare bedroom at the end of the hall that was used for an office for my dad. It overlooked our front yard and the driveway. The room was full of bookshelves and  files that my dad kept lying around. I grabbed my Iphone 4 that was in the opposite pocket of my keys. I checked the time and it was 11:06. I put my phone back into my pocket. There was time to kill. I grabbed a book that went by the name “The Bluest Eye.”  had already read 3 chapters when I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I looked out of the window and saw a small dark blue, 4 door nissan maxima. Moments started playing and the familiar number from yesterday had popped up. I answered.

“Louis?” I wasn’t certain.
“Yeah, how’s yo-”
“I see a car outside and the number seemed familiar,” I cut him off.
“Oh, well, come outside. We’re waiting for you love,” I liked it when he called me love.
“Ok.” I hung up.
I ran down the stairs, tripping, but it’s a good thing I caught myself on the railing. My keys were bouncing. I unlocked the door, put my phone in my pocket, then pulled it open and locked the bottom lock once again. I closed the door quietly. I could see the car, and the people inside. Had some of the boys bailed on me? Niall, Harry, and of course Liam, wasn’t there. I walked over to the car and hopped into the back seat. I slammed the door shut.
“How are you doing today?” Zayn asked me.
“Fine, you?” I bit my lip.
“Hungry,” he slightly smiled.
Louis backed out of the driveway, then drove off to find traffic filling the streets. I guess Zayn had gotten bored because he took his seat belt off and climbed into the backseat next to me.
“How about that picture?” Zayn held his phone.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea Zayn.”
He was single, but I didn’t want to be the “mystery girl” that went around the group. I could see Louis’ eyes stare at us from the small mirror that was adjusted so that he could look behind the car easily. I didn’t notice that the car ride to where the other boys were waiting took 30 minutes because Zayn kept me laughing the whole ride there. We pulled up and I spotted the boys acting like idiots, dancing around the parking lot, and hysterically laughing. Louis rolled down the window and shouted for the boys to get into their car. They entered a dark green jeep. Liam was driving and Harry and Niall sat in the back with each other. They followed our car to the little restaurant that Louis had chosen. We all got out of the two cars and met up at the restaurant's door. I got a glimpse of Niall and Harry checking me out while I walked into the restaurant after Liam, Zayn, and Louis. The restaurant was small and cozy. It had a warm feeling of home to it. There was an old married couple in the corner sipping on coffee mugs. We took a seat in the middle of the restaurant. The waitress didn’t attend to us right when we got there. We just chatted and had a good time, but Liam seemed distant. He didn’t look my way at all. But then, there was this one time where he caught himself and fixed his eyes on someone else. The waitress finally took our order. I ordered a chicken caesar wrap with lipton lemonade on the side. After we all ordered Liam kept his eyes on his phone as if waiting for a call that would never come. Our meals were full of laughter. Liam faintly smiled only a few times at jokes being thrown around. We finished up our meals after about 20 minutes. Niall and Harry protested that they wanted ice cream. Zayn went up to pay the waitress. Louis, Harry, and Niall ran out the door to the unlocked nissan maxima. I waited up for Zayn while Liam silently walked over to the dark green jeep.
“I can go with you and Liam if you want,” Zayn half smiled.
“No, it’s alright. I need to talk to him anyways.”

The sun was about to set as I climbed up to the seat next to Liam in the dark green jeep.



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