Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


3. Only Time Can Tell.


I woke up to the sound of my phone playing Moments. I stood and blinked a few times, trying to get the blood flowing back to my head. I ran and slid to my desk where it held my phone, hair appliances, and my macbook pro. I grabbed my iPhone 4 and slid the answer button to the right.
“Hello?” My voice was tired.
“Lauren?” A high british accent answered.
“Louis?” I guessed and recognized.
“You alright love?” I could hear the rest of the boys in the background getting silent.
“I’m fine, but how did you get my number?”
“When you won the day to spend with us, we had your number saved on Liam’s DM on twitter.”
“Oh,” I don’t know why but I was disappointed.
“We’re all really sorry, we wanted to make it up to you and take you to lunch tomorrow.” He sounded like he meant it.
“Um...” I thought about it.
“There won’t be any food thrown, I promise.” I could hear a smile on the other end of the phone.
“Hold on,” my phone beeped.
Jaz’xo is what my phone read. She was trying to get a hold of me. I decided to ignore it and send her to voicemail.
“I’m in,” I sounded more enthusiastic.
“Great, when can I pick you up?”
“Um, I’ll be ready by 11:40, so come around 12:15?” I suggested.
“Sounds good, have a nice night.”
“Thanks, you too Lou,” I sounded like I knew him forever.
The phone beeped, meaning the conversation was over. I decided to go the safe route and text Jazmine back,
To: Jaz’xo
Hey Jaz, just got up from a power nap. The day was fun, I’m off to the Library ttyl;).
I created my phone to go black. I placed it in my back pocket and suddenly realised  that I still had the clothes on as earlier. I should’ve changed because stains are a pain in the butt. I looked through piles of books on my bedside counter and that’s when my phone vibrated. I’ll look at her text later. I finally found the book on blue jays that I had borrowed from the Library. I peaked out of the window and the sunset had announced the end of the day. I grabbed the candy cane scarf that sat at the arm of my computer chair. I wrapped it around my neck and and took the band from my wrist. I put my silky blonde hair in a high ponytail, then grabbed my brown jacket from my bureau, put it on and zipped it up. I brung the blue jay book with me down the stairs to where I found my dad sleeping on the couch. I walked up to him.
“Dad,” I said lightly as I shook him awake.
He opened his bloodshot eyes and looked up at me.
“Do you know where my Library card is?”
“Kitchen counter left of the sink,” he looked at my book.
His voice was raspy unlike this afternoon. I turned and walked into the kitchen. I went to the directed counter and pulled it open. I dug through the mess and found my Library card that had a blueprint of the Library on the front of it. I walked into the formal dining room and got my keys from the black wooden table. I ran from the dining room to the front door and opened then closed the door. I placed my keys in my right jacket pocket and started my two-block walk with my hands in my pockets. The air was clean and my steady breath gave off smoky ripples. I watched the busy streets and the cars passing by in the dull weather of Seattle. The sunset was fading, but it was about 5 so I knew the Library wasn’t closed. I made it down the first block, now crossing the street to fulfill my journey. The second block was a longer walk so I decided to look at Jazmine’s text now! I got my phone from my jean’s back pocket. I slid the lock and entered my code to unlock my phone. People were walking around me, trying not to create a human accident.
From: Jaz’xo
Back so early? You got pics?:o
To: Jaz’xo
I didn’t want pictures, but tomorrow they’re picking me up for lunch cause we got separated in a crowd of crazed fans_-.
I smiled at the thought of spending another day with the boys. But I wasn’t sure if everything would go the way I wanted it to.
                                                      Jaz’xo: Thanks for the lat res.....
I didn't bother opening the text. I put my phone back in my pocket. A few more steps and I had made it to my destination. I climbed up the large marble steps and pulled the huge door open. The Librarian’s desk was right there when I walked in.
“Hey Lauren,” Rebecca said as she looked up from a book.

I think it was How To Kill a MockingBird. I came to the Library frequently enough for Rebecca and I to remember each other's names.

“Hello Rebecca, I’m just here to return this,” I held up the my research book on blue jays.
She took the book and scanned it while I leaned on her lumber desk. She was putting numbers into the old dinosaur computer when I handed her my Library card. That’s when I spotted Jazmine’s mom looking for movies, probably for Jazmine’s little sister Claire. I decided not to make conversation cause I needed to get home and look for outfits based on the weather tomorrow. Rebecca rang up my card then handed it back to me.
“Have a nice night Laur, oh and just to let you know, the Library’s closed tomorrow for the day.” Her southern accent was cute and put a smile to my face.
“Thanks Rebecca. Have a great night!”
The same way I entered is the way I exited. I started down the stairs and that’s when I noticed how dark it got in the short amount of time that I had spent in the Library. I could hear car’s tires crunch on the moist sand that laid on the pavement. I was halfway to my house when I heard a car beep. I turned and saw a silver volvo in the middle of the street. It was Ms. Rivers, Jazmine’s mom. She rolled down her window.
“Hey Laur, c’mon I’ll give you a ride,” she smiled.

I ran across the street to the passenger side of her car. I opened the door, got in, and carefully closed the door.

“Thanks Ms. Rivers.”
“No problem hun, you heading home right?”
“Yeah,” I clicked my seatbelt on and looked out the window.
We drove in silence for 2 minutes until she pulled up behind my dad’s car in my driveway.
“Thanks for the ride again,” I said.
“No problem,” she smiled at me and her dimple poked out.
I climbed out and shut the door. I skipped up the steps. I waved to her while getting my keys out. She pulled out of the driveway and sped off. I pushed the key into the knob and twisted. I pulled my keys out of the door and stepped into the house. I flung my combat boots off. I slammed the door shut and locked both the top and bottom locks.
“I got chinese for tonight,” my dad’s voice sounded much more refreshed.
I walked passed the living room to the kitchen and placed my keys on the table.
“Right there,” he pointed to the unopen box with his fork.
“Thank you dad.”
I took off my jacket and placed it on the back of the chair, then unwrapped the scarf from my neck and put it on top of my jacket. My dad was slurping on Lo Mein. I grabbed a plastic fork, napkin, and my container of chinese food. I brought it up to my room and set it on my unmade bed. I threw all my clothes off and opened the door to my personal bathroom. I turned on the shower and it took about 15 minutes for my shower to end. I wrapped a towel around me and one on my let-loose hair. I stepped into my room and got to my bureau. I found a big, light pink t-shirt and some brown loose shorts. I got into my underwear and then on went the rest of my clothes. I dried my hair with the towel, grabbed the remote, and carefully climbed on my bed. I got the tv on and flipped through channels. YES! Just in time for E! news. I opened the container and started shoving orange chicken in my mouth with shrimp fried rice.
“A source tells us something interesting today Juliana,” a voice that I was unfamiliar with informed.
“Yeah I heard, Liam Payne from One Direction might be cheating on Danielle Peazer, his on and off girlfriend, with a ‘Mystery Girl’.” Juliana was looking beautiful as always.
My heart dropped. There was a picture of me and Liam at JCPenney, looking at each other, while talking. It was when he was trying to apologize to me. I clicked the power button on the remote and set the food on the counter, in shock. I sighed and pulled my head back to the wall. What is this going to do to the boys? How about Liam’s reputation? So many questions ran through my mind. I rolled my eyes and pulled the covers up over my body and head. I could hear Moments playing from the bathroom. Jazmine watched E! news. I didn’t even get up. I let it ring until it went to voicemail. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with questions and possible answers.


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