Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


2. No Privacy.

“Oh my God,” I whispered to myself.
Niall stood and took my hand. He lead me to a little space with a small door.
“Get cleaned up,” He forced a smile.
I could tell that he felt bad about what happened. I smiled at him and gave him a little nod. He opened the door for me and flicked the light on. I stepped in and could hear his footsteps fade into the distance. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the big, dark grease stain on my shirt. I rolled my eyes. I must’ve looked like a fucking idiot! I pulled off my cardigan and off went my shirt. I turned both the hot and cold taps to create a stream of warm water. I took a napkin and ran it under the water the  squeezed a pump of soap onto the wet paper. I scrubbed it on my shirt, struggling to get the stain off. I turned to throw the used paper away and that’s when Liam walked through the door.
“LIAM!” I screamed, not meaning to.
He covered his eyes and turned, “sorry hun didn’t mean to.” He sounded ashamed.
I covered my black laced bra. Liam stumbled trying to get the door open. I put my hand to my face, feeling so embarrassed. Once the door closed I pushed the lock in. I don’t want another one the boys “accidentally” looking at my goods. I put my shirt back on, then my cardigan and buttoned it up. I stood still looking into the mirror. Embarrassment took over me and I didn’t even want to go out there. I let out a big sigh and turned to the door. I twisted the knob letting the lock click open. I flung the door open and walked towards the two couches I first met the boys in person. Zayn and Liam sat on a couch talking while Louis, Harry, and Niall sat on the floor, turned my way, and burst into laughter. My face got red and I placed my hand on my elbow. Liam shot the three boys a dirty look and Zayn stood and walked over to me.
“How about we take you shopping,” Zayn’s eyes sparkled.
“No, no there’s no need to do that,” I looked down to his brown Oxfords.
“C’mon we’ll have fun, “ he grabbed my hand and motioned for the boys to get up.
He dragged me to the door and effortlessly swung the door open. The boys, except for Zayn, ran down the hall. They continued to laugh and I bit my lip trying not to blush, but again failing.
“Don’t worry love, their being jerks today.” He shoved his hands into his pockets.
We walked down the hall in silence then took a turn left into the lobby. The boys were already in the black van when Zayn held the door open for me. I coolly walked to the van and climbed to the only seat left between Harry and Niall. Liam was seated in the passenger seat and Zayn took over the wheel. A seat was pulled up for Louis in back. Zayn started the ignition and and drove through the busy streets of Seattle. Liam pulled out his phone and I think he was looking at directions for the Northgate Mall. The streets were familiar to me but I let them struggle trying to find the ways through Seattle.
“So Liam, you texting Leona Lewis to send you a photo of her breasts?” Harry teased.
I tapped my foot and again played with my fingers. Niall burst into laughter. I held back tears even though it was unlike me to cry.
“Can you guys shut the fuck up already?” Zayn said loudly.
I sneaked a look to Harry and his dimple peaked out while his mouth held a smirk. Louis, Harry, and Niall were joking around while I watched Liam and Zayn figuring out how to get to the mall in a time for us to shop and make it out of there so I could make it home before sundown. I could tell that Zayn was chewing the inside of his bottom lip while concentrating on trying to not his pedestrians or bikers. After about 18 minutes we arrived at the Northgate Mall. There were no screaming girls because the boys hadn’t announced that they were visiting the mall. Zayn parked at a space near the entrance so we could get in with no problem or long walk to attract extra fans. As we entered the boys walked in silence. Some people were snapping pics but the  boys didn’t pay much attention.
“So where you planning to go, babe?” Harry asked me pleasantly.
“Let’s visit JCPenney. They’re having a sale.” I lead the way to my favorite store at Northgate.
There were families shopping around for clothes for their children or house appliances. I traveled to the adults clothing area, with the boys trudging along making conversations with each other about interviews and jokes that weren’t important to me.
“Can I get a picture?” I turned and saw a tan little girl with light brown hair holding her mom’s hand, asking Harry.
“Sure beautiful,” Harry answered with a grin.

Her mother, with curly brown hair, held the camera up as Harry gave a big smile, as did the little girl. I turned around and headed to a clothes rack. Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis were off doing their own thing when Liam came to join me.

“Lauren, I’m so sorry,” he sounded sincere.
“It’s fine,” I answered plainly.
I was looking for the cute patterned, thick sweater in size small.
“The boys are acting really shitty and-”
I cut him off, “Liam it’s fine! I’ve had worse done to me.”
I looked up at him and I felt kinda bad, he was trying to apologize but I didn’t want him to. I was hurt, but I didn’t want any pity. I flashed my teeth at him trying to convince him that I was alright. I was sort of a master at hiding my feelings unless it came to me blushing. He patted my shoulder and reunited with the boys. I could hear their conversation about what Liam came to talk to me about.
“You apologize?” Zayn questioned him.
“She wouldn’t let me, poor thing probably hates us now.” Liam answered.
I didn’t want to hear anymore so I started to hum the lyrics to U Smile. I finally found the sweater in the last small that the store carried It was still a bit too big but I loved oversized, comfy things. I walked over to the boys and their conversation ended immediately.
“You done love?” Louis asked confused.
“Yep,” I gave a proud smile.
“Fastest girl I’ve ever seen shop,” Niall’s Irish accent gave me butterflies.
I could feel Zayn’s stare as I walked down the aisle to the clerk’s desk. The boys were still behind me. I brung my side bag up, unzipped it, and grabbed a hold of my red hello kitty wallet. There was no line so that made it easier so we could get out of the mall faster.
“Let me get that for you,” Liam stepped forward.
I put my hand up, “No, you’ve done so much for me today.”
Louis let out a snicker and Zayn did something to make him stop. I didn’t pay attention to them. Liam stepped back I think he got the memo. The cashier gave me a dirty look. I decided to kill her with kindness.
“It’ll be $18.47,” her annoying, snotty voice took me back.
I rummaged through my leather wallet and got a crisp 20 dollar bill.
I handed it to her, “keep the change.”
I sarcastically smiled at her. She gave me my receipt and folded my new sweater then put it in a bag that had the JCPenney logo on the front. We walked out of the store with a few heads turning our way. We were all grouped together keeping little conversation.
I turned to Zayn, “can we leave now, my dad will probably pick me up soon.”
“Alright sweetie,” Zayn winked.
I looked forward smirking. As we approached the mall entrance to try to get to the black can I could hear a loud roar.
“Fans.” Harry stated.

Niall and Louis both sighed.
“Stay close,” Zayn ordered.
Liam was the first one out, waving and smiling. As each boy got out one at a time the crowd got louder. It was packed and the boys and I somehow got separated. They were escorted to their car by the police leaving me stranded on fainting, crying, and screaming island.
“Great,” I mumbled to myself.
I pushed through the crowd of girls to a bench next to a phone booth. The police would probably think that i’m a crazed fan trying to get into the car with the boys. I got a quarter from my wallet and opened the phone booth’s door. I closed it and inserted 25 cents into the payphone. Might as well go cause this crowd is going to multiply in the next 10 minutes. I dialled my father’s number.
“Hello?” My dad’s warm voice called in my ear.
“Hey dad  i’m at Northgate, got stuck in this mess with all these fans, you mind come getting me?” I explained as little as possible.
“Right, i’m on the way now,” he responded.
“Thanks dad.” I then hung.
It took him about 25 minutes and the crowd certainly didn’t die down. I opened the door to his small green Toyota and hopped in. I slammed the door shut and my dad began driving to our house.
“How was your day with the world famous One Direction AHHH!” He teased.
I smirked, “interesting.”
He nodded, keeping his eyes on the road. The rest of the ride was silent. After 16 minutes we were at the house. I didn’t live far from the mall, but my dad took long to arrive there because of the fans and their parents. We both got out of the car and I skipped after him up the stairs to our small one family house. My dad was a doctor but took this day off just so I could hang out with my amazing Idols. After unlocking the door and entering the empty house I could hear my dad slam the keys onto the kitchen table
“I’ll be up in my room,” I called to him, my voice was a bit sad, even to myself.
He turned on the tv and I trudged up the stairs to my room. There were 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths. I had the largest room in the house. I opened my door and saw my blue curtains odd to the side letting in the little sunlight that Seattle gave off in my green room. I pulled the curtain in front of the window and plopped myself onto the bed. I kicked off my vans and flung my JCPenney bag beside my bed. I crawled under my zebra print blankets and had flashbacks of how this awful day went. My life sucks right now. I just cried myself to sleep after 3 minutes of silent tears.

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