Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


9. New Contacts.


I walked into my house to find Louis and Harry sitting on the couch playing with a deck of cards. I went into the kitchen to search for Zayn. He wasn’t there. Had he left?

“Where’s Zayn?” I entered the living room again.
“Went upstairs somewhere,” Harry said not looking up from his pile of cards.

I ran up the stairs and looked to my right to find Zayn in my room. He was looking at the pictures of me as a toddler, around the boarder of my bureau’s mirror.

I walked in and sat at the edge of my bed, “knock knock.” He turned, smiled, and sat down close to me.

“You were pretty cute,” Zayn held my 4 year old birthday picture in his hands.
“I guess.”
“Nothing’s changed, you know,” He looked into my eyes.
I sighed. I looked down at my feet. He was part of a world famous boy band and decided to call me cute? He had so many beautiful girls around him, I couldn’t understand why he was still single.
“Why are you still single?” I looked up at his sparkling eyes, repeating the question I had in my thoughts.
“Just haven’t found the right girl,” He shrugged.
I raised my eyebrows, “you’re kidding right?”
He just kissed my cheek and left the room. I fell back, onto my bed. I looked up to my ceiling. What had just happened? I went to the counter to the right of my bed and searched through it for good movies. Sleeping Beauty? No. Santa Paws? No. The Avengers? Yeah. I ran out of my room, down the stairs, to the living room. Zayn and Niall had joined Harry and Louis in a game of Goldfish.
“You guys wanna watch a movie?” I asked them.
Niall looked up at me, “what movie?”
“The Avengers,” I held the movie up.
“I’ve always wanted to watch that movie,” Zayn said.
“Alright, it’s settled, we’re watching a movie.”
I opened the dvd case and popped the movie into the dvd player. The boys all sat on the couch. I turned off the light and took an empty seat next to Zayn. I grabbed the remote from the table and skipped the advertisements then pressed play. About 20 minutes into the movie Zayn put his arm around me. I looked over at his hand then back to the movie. I didn’t pay much mind to it, I didn’t even flirt back or do anything to lead him on. After about 6 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom in the kitchen. I got done drying my hands and went back into the kitchen. I grabbed my phone from the marble counter and looked at the time. 4:45. I’ve got enough time before my Dad gets home. Three new messages. One from dad, two from Jazmine.
From: Dad :p
Hey princess. You got dinner planned out right? If not I can pick something up on the way home.
To: Dad :p
It’s fine dad, I’ve got some tacos already made. Thanks tho.
From: Jaz’xo
I’ve been trying to reach you_- why haven’t you responded?
From: Jaz’xo
To: Jaz’xo
Jaz, calm down. I’ll call you later on and give you all the gossip.

She would have a heart attack if I didn’t text her back. I haven’t talked to her in about a day. I’m surprised she hasn’t blown up my phone or shown up at my house. I put my phone in my bra and went to sit back down next to Zayn. I pulled my legs up and covered my knees with my long skirt. This was my third time watching The Avengers and I kinda mesmerized some of the lines by now.
“Is everything a joke to you,” I whispered under my breath, saying it along with Captain America.

I felt Zayn look up at me. I couldn’t help but look back. He was laughing at me. I laughed along with him. I kinda felt embarrassed.

“You’re so beautiful,” He whispered to me.
I looked at the other boys. They were so into the movie. Louis was at the edge of his seat when the action-filled parts occured. I looked back at Zayn. I smiled at him. His eyes we’re even sparkling in the dark. The only light that was given off was from the tv. He pulled a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear. I just bit my lip and turned back to the movie.  

By the time the movie was done it was completely dark out. The boys all said bye and gave me hugs.

“Check on Liam for me?” I said to Harry.
“I will don’t worry love,” He gave me a quick hug and headed out to the car.

I waved to them as they drove off. I closed the door and this time made sure it was locked. I took my phone from my bra and unlocked it. I went through my contacts with nothing to do since the boys had left and I was home alone. The first contact I saw was my mom, she was put in as Amanda. She moved away to Florida with her new boyfriend named James. She cheated on my dad with this James character and after my dad kicked her out I never saw her ever again. She would text me now and then, but I would never text back. I saved her number just for the hell of it. I didn’t have much contacts. My mom, dad, Jazmine, Alexa, Lucy, Louis, and one new one? Zayn. I guess when I left my phone on the kitchen counter to drop Liam off at the hotel, he must’ve put his number in. I decided to ring my dad.

“Hello?” He answered.
“Hey dad, when you coming home?”
“I’m already out. I’m just heading to the market to grab some things for the house.”
“Don’t forget about our dinner tonight. I have things made and I’m going to set the table right now,” I reminded him.
“I won’t Laur,” He promised.

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