Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


6. Make It Up.


There was a knock at my bedroom door.

“Come in.” I knew it was my dad.

He opened the door quietly and stepped in. He took a seat at the edge of my bed. Before I had gotten in the shower and gotten into something warm and comfy, we had an arguement of why I was out all day.

“I’m sorry for lashing out on you Laur,” his eyes were lighter now, like crystal blue.
“I’m sorry for the attitude,” I really was sorry.
“It’s just, I was worried, and... I don’t know...” He was looking at the ground now.
“I told you to call dad,” I said calmly.
“I was planning something for us today, maybe lunch or something, but it’s too late now.”
I sighed. Tomorrow he worked and I couldn’t do anything early. I’ll probably set up dinner for us both tomorrow.
“Dinner tomorrow, me and you.” I smiled.
He smiled back, got up and left my room. I could hear his footsteps go further from where his bedroom was located. My guess is that he went into his office. I got my phone from the counter next to my bed. I unlocked it and went through the calls that were made to me. 3 missed calls from Jazmine and then the number Louis called from this morning. I decided to text the number.
To: (555)123-8243
From: (555)123-8243
Yeah... Who’s this?
I guess he didn’t recognize or save my number. I decided to save the number in my contacts as Louis:).
To: Louis:)
It’s Lauren, I hope you don’t mind me texting you?
From: Louis:)
No not at all. You make it home alright? Xx
To: Louis:)
Yeah, I’m fine. But I’m not sure about Liam...
From: Louis:)
Liam’s fine love x. Don’t worry.
To: Louis:)
:) What are you guys doing tomorrow?
From: Louis:)
A meeting type thing till 12 then nothing really after that.
To Louis:)
You want to come over tomorrow?
I took a risk, hoping he’d say yes.
From: Louis:)
Liam and Niall’s got an interview so I’ll bring Zayn and Harry along xx.
Omg! I can’t believe it worked. I played it cool, I didn’t want to seem too excited.
To: Louis:)
Alright, you got my address?:p
From: Louis:)
Yep! Goodnight hun, see you tomorrow.
I didn’t text back. I connected my phone to it’s charger and covered myself.
Sunlight hit my face causing me to wake up. I yawned and took my phone off of it’s charger. It was 9:43. I got up and slowly walked to my bathroom. I set my phone on the sink’s counter. I looked a mess. My hair was all tangled and I had light bags under my eyes. All I could think about was Liam’s face yesterday night. He looked so bad. I just wanted to know what was wrong and he shut me out. I might be just a fan, but I really do care. I grabbed my red toothbrush and squeezed Colgate on it. I ran it under the water and started scrubbing my teeth. After 2 minutes I washed my face and placed my toothbrush in a cup. I grabbed my phone and put it in the pocket of my sweat pants. Dad was out of the house and had gone into work at 7am. The house is mine until 6. I ran down the stairs to the living room and hopped on the couch. I grabbed the remote and turned the tv on. Dad was watching sports last night. I changed the channel to Food Network. Barefoot Contessa was on and the lady with the short dora like haircut was teaching her viewers how to make pastries. While the show went to commercial I stood and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, got milk, then went to the dishwasher and grabbed a spoon and bowl. The cereal was next to the stove on the countertop. I grabbed it and poured it in the bowl, following the milk. I shoved the spoon into the cereal and milk. I traveled back to the living room. Just in time for the show. After eating the whole bowl of cereal and gulping down the milk, the clock hit 10 and a new show of Barefoot Contessa started. I decided to take a nap and wake up before Zayn, Louis, and Harry got here.

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