Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


14. First Night.

My phone read 9:30 pm. The boys and I all waved at the receptionist and went into the elevator. I clicked on the button for the 14th floor. The elevator made my stomach go in loops. The door slid open and I walked out into the hallway. I looked back and the boys were right on my tail. I took out my hotel room card and that’s when Louis snatched it from me and ran down the hallway to room 2006.
“NIALL LEAVE ME ALONE!” I heard Jazmine scream from down the hall.
“Eat it! Eat it,” Niall was chasing jazmine with a huge piece of fish in his hands.
Niall threw the fish and it hit the wall a few inches in front of Jazmine. She stopped to where the fish had slammed the wall. She started screaming and giggling then ran to Louis.
“Open the door!” She looked to where Niall was.
He caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her. He carried her on his side and waited for Louis to slide the card to open the room’s door. The door flung open and Niall jumped on the bed still gripping Jazmine. We all walked into the room. Liam and Harry hovered over Jazmine and Niall.
“Yeah Niall,” Harry winked at them both.
“Shut up,” Niall chucked a pillow from Jazmine’s bed at him.
I climbed onto my bed and Zayn jumped on after me. Louis sat at the chair that Jazmine sat on earlier. He took out his phone and got distracted by something on it. Zayn was smiling at me.
“What are you smiling at?” I blushed.
He brushed his finger on my cheek, “you’re just so beautiful.”
I looked away and tried to hide my smile. I forgot about Zayn and looked over to where Harry and Liam were wrestling. Jazmine and Niall were making faces at each other like they’ve known each other forever. I looked back at Zayn and he was looking at Jazmine and Niall.
“They’d be so cute together,” I said to Zayn.
He looked back at me, “yeah.”
I think he wanted to say something else but stopped himself.
“I’m going to the cafeteria i’m starving.” Louis stood from his seat.
Harry jumped on Liam’s back, “We’re coming too.”
“I second that,” Jazmine blurted out.
Niall grabbed her hand and they all stormed out of the room leaving me and Zayn by ourselves. Zayn looked at me, I smiled at him.
“You hungry?” I asked him.
“Not really.”
I nodded. The silence between us was really awkward.
“I wanna take you out tomorrow, for breakfast,” Zayn was so forward about it.
“Sure,” I looked at the ground.
“Be ready by 11:30.”
“K,” I bit my lip.
He stood and I walked him over to the door. Before he opened the door he turned to me.
“Night.” He looked into my eyes.
He leaned in hesitantly. I gave him an awkward kiss on the cheek. He turned back to the door and disappeared as the door slowly closed. I went into the bathroom and waited for my eyes to adjust to the brightness again. I let my bun loose and undid the braids that were on the sides of my head. I shook out my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I went over to my suitcases, grabbed a pair of brown sweatpants, a blue long sleeve, and a pair of grey fuzzy socks. I stripped off my dress and got into the comfy outfit for the night. I went over to the living room area and grabbed the remote. I plopped myself on the couch and turned on the tv. The channels were different from my cable back home. It took me awhile but I finally found MTV. I watched Teen Mom until I heard screams coming from outside of the hotel room. Jazmine’s back. She busted through the door and slammed it shut. I looked at her, she was giggling and trying to catch her breath.
“Have a fun night with Niall?” I questioned her.
“Yeah, he’s such a sweetheart.”
“You haven’t left the hotel yet?”
“No, Niall and I have been roaming the hotel doing crazy, stupid shit,” she was smiling.
“The city’s amazing, you and Niall should take a stroll tomorrow.” I suggested to her.
Jazmine nodded and sat next to me. She kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet under a blanket that was on the couch. We both were watching the rest of Teen Mom. After about 15 minutes the show was finished and then on came Ridiculousness. I watched about 7 minutes of it until my eyes darted to Jazmine. Her breathing was light and her eyes were shut. I turned the tv off and laid my head down. My eyes shut and Zayn’s face took over my mind.

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