Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


12. Are We There Yet?

All the noise kept us from talking. The screaming fans were shouting the boys names. I even heard one girl talk about me and Jazmine. I just ignored all of it. Niall gripped my hand tightly so we wouldn’t get separated again like the first day we met. Liam had Jazmine’s hand and I wasn’t worried that Jazmine would let go. She was holding onto his hand like it was her life. I felt so important with all the crazy girls staring at me and Niall holding hands. Harry was leading the way along with a security guard by his side. Once we made it past the girls into the private plane the boys immediately plopped down on the cream leather seats. Jazmine and I stood up not knowing what to do.
“Take a seat,” Zayn directed to us.

I smiled at him and took an empty window seat. Jazmine took the seat next to me. I looked out the window and I could see that we were starting to take flight. Once we were in the air I got out my phone and took pictures of the Seattle clouds. I posted some of the pics on instagram and sent some to my dad. I wanted him to have a lot of pictures of my first trip without him. It was like he was there every step of the way at times. Jazmine was fast asleep 17 minutes into the flight. So was Louis and Harry. Niall had his headphones in and was stroking his guitar strings. Zayn was looking through magazines. I decided to get up and join Liam in the empty seat next to him. He was just looking out of the window.

“You like plane rides?” He looked at me.
“Only been on one once, when I was seven.”

He nodded. There was a long moment of silence before he actually spoke to me.

“I’m sorry,” he wasn’t looking at me this time.
“For what?” I responded quietly.
He cleared his throat, “for being an ass. I know it’s not your fault that the paps made up rumors of us going out, I was just hurt, cause Dan-” He stopped himself there.
I wanted to hear more. I wanted to hear the reason and truth behind why he acted this way towards me. I looked him directly in the eyes.
“You could tell me anything, I’m different from most fans.”
“I know it’s just....” He hesitated, “Danielle left me because she thought the rumors were true and... I don’t know.”
She really believed the crap she heard on tv and saw on the news paper?
“She saw it on the telly. E! news.” He stated.
I gulped, “yeah, I saw it too, but I know the truth and I know not to believe things like that.”
He just looked down at his hands. I felt so bad after hearing the real reason why he was acting like that. He was truly hurt. I felt mad at myself and even angrier at Danielle. I could feel my jaw clench. I started to bite the inside of my cheek to keep me from saying anything stupid.
*3 hours later*

I paced back and forth while the boys and Jazmine were singing random songs. I couldn’t sit still, I needed to touch earth. Someone came up behind me and grabbed my waist. Before I could look at who it was I was thrown on the plane’s chair. I looked up to find Zayn laughing at me.

“Twice,” I tried my best to hide my smile, but failed.
“What?” He was confused but still laughing.
“I’m going to get you back for throwing me on a seat, and your punishment will be double the revenge.” I laughed.
He stuck his tongue out at me, “I wanna see this so called revenge happen.”

I looked over the Louis and Jazmine who were staring at us and raising their eyebrows. I stuck my middle finger up at them and they started laughing as well. Zayn sat next to me and put my finger down.

“Let’s keep it PG,”
I rolled my eyes, “I’m practically an adult.”

He shook his head. I touched his soft messy hair and messed it up. He closed his eyes and smiled. He put his head on my shoulder and started to fake snore. I flicked his forehead.

“Get off me,” I laughed.
“No you’re so comfortable,” He laid his head on my lap.

I shook my head and started playing with his hair. His breathing became a bit heavier and I could tell that he was actually sleeping now.

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