Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


13. A New City.

I opened the door to the hotel room that read 2006. I had the hotel serviceman put my luggage next to my bed. Once he left I plopped myself on the soft hotel bed. The sheets were fresh and smelled like a bouquet of flowers. Jazmine sat at a desk and got her phone out. I don’t know how she could sleep on a plane, I couldn’t.
“I’m taking a nap, wake me when it’s..” I stopped myself and pulled out my phone.
It was 5:56 almost 6 o’clock.
“Wake me up when it’s almost dinner time so I could get ready.” I continued my sentance.
I laid on the bed, curled up in a ball. I didn’t even bother pulling off my shoes. I closed my eyes and easily drifted off into a mindset of full darkness.
I yawned and pulled myself up. I unlocked my phone. It was 7:03. I didn’t get much sleep, but I thought that I could roam the streets of Sunrise, Florida. Jazmine was on the bed next to me sound asleep. She probably just fell asleep so I decided to let her sleep. I went through the bathroom door and was taken back by the brightness. I opened the light and tried to get used to the huge bathroom that was completely white. I closed the door and pushed the silver lock in. I took off all of my clothes and put it in the corner next to the door. I stepped into the walk in shower and turned on the water. I jumped at the cold water at first and waited for the warm water to set in. My shower was almost 30 minutes long. I stepped out and grabbed a towel then wrapped it around myself. I took my dirty clothes with me out into the room. Niall was hovering over Jazmine with whipped cream and a feather.
“What are you doing?” I shot at him.
“Sh,” He was beaming with laughter.
He gently grabbed Jazmine’s hand and started spraying the whipped cream in it. He then took the feather and tickled her nose. The empty hand that wasn’t full of whipped cream scratched the spot that the feather had contact with. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Niall grabbed her hand full of whipped cream and shoved it in her face. She woke up with a shocked expression. Niall was laughing so hard I thought he would burst. He ran to the door with the feather and whipped cream bottle. He disappeared when Jazmine stood.
“You couldn’t have stopped him?” Jazmine was trying to hide a smirk.
I rolled my eyes a second time, “I can’t even take you seriously with your face like that.”
I walked over to my luggage and grabbed one suitcase hoping it was the one that held some clothes and my underwear and bras. I found a sunset orange, long, strapless dress that had ruffles where my chest was. I grabbed a comfortable blue underwear and a hot pink strapless bra. I put my undergarments on and slipped the dress on. I got a pair of cute brown sandals that had fake sea shells on the thongs of the sandals.
“Where you going,” Jazmine was licking the whipped cream from her fingers.
I put my sandals on, “not sure, I might just roam the streets.”
“I need to find the cafeteria here,”
“Take one of the boys with you.” I grabbed my phone and my red hello kitty wallet.
She smiled and her cheeks became red, “I’ll take Niall.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Jazmine’s gotta crush!”

She rolled her eyes and didn’t answer back. I smiled and waved at her then walked into the hallway that was surprisingly getting quiet from when we first arrived here. There weren’t as much fans singing What Makes You Beautiful like earlier. Some were camping outside with their parents, but other than that I think I could get through to the lobby then out the door. I rounded the corner and pushed the elevator button. I got inside of the empty elevator and clicked on the lobby button. At the 13th floor the elevator stopped and in walked all five of the boys.

“I think Jazmine’s looking for an eating buddy,” I directed to Niall.
“She up in the hotel room?” Niall asked.
“Where you going?” Zayn sounded curious.
“I don’t know, looking for something to do out in the city.”
“Can we tag along?” Liam smiled at me.
“Sure,” I smiled back.
We made it down to the lobby, but Niall stayed in the elevator to go join Jazmine in the hotel room. Once we got outside some of the fans started crying. I didn’t pay attention to them but the boys took pictures with some of them. When that was over with we just started walking west of the hotel.

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