Crystal Clear

Lauren's my name. I'm 17 and I live in Seattle. I win a day to hang out with my crazy, amazing idols. Everything takes a turn from there.


1. A Lifetime In A Day.

          I walked down the long hallway, with butterflies attacking my stomach. I didn't bring my phone, notebook, or any souvenirs. I wanted to capture this moment without anything ruining this moment. I stood in front of the beige door, knowing that on the other side held 5 sweet, gorgeous boys. Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam are my silly, amazingly talented idols! I looked down at my outfit. Maroon skinny jeans, a violet tang top, a tan cardigan on top, and all black vans. I held on to my side bag that carried a few pens, a little emergency make-up kit, my wallet full of pictures and money, and a small sample perfume. I then took a deep breath, looking back to the time where I won the once in a lifetime chance to hang out with the boys. 

"You lost hun?"

I looked over to a curvy woman with blonde hair and keys around her neck. I smiled to her and shook my head, "no, ma'am." 

          She walked off into the distance. I needed a little time to calm myself before I could open the door and spend the whole day with perfection. I could hear Niall's laugh on the other side, and it created my cheeks to go red. I took a deep breath and composed myself. I held my hand up and gave the door a little knock. To my hearing everything went silent until footsteps approached the door. It flew open and Liam greeted me with a smile. The other boys were on the two couches just starring and smiling.

"So there's the famous Lauren we've been waiting for," Louis said with a pleasant smile.

"Come on in," Liam suggested.

I stepped in and put on my best smile, trying not to blush.

"Should we do signings or pictures first?" Zayn's voice threw me off. The boys looked at me.

"I wasn't planning on taking pictures or having you sign anything, I just want this day to be a memory." I answered Zayn's question.

"Well then, what shall we do," Harry's voice was like silk, his British accent turned me on.

"Let's order pizza" Niall struck his braces at the boys and I.

I smiled at him. They really looked better in person than when I fangirled over their pictures on twitter. They all had magical eyes and warm smiles.

 "Come sit babe," Harry patted the seat next to him, though he was sitting on the handle of the tan, leather couch.

I walked over to the couch and plopped my butt right next to Harry. Niall and Louis sat across from us while Liam stayed standing and Zayn went to order pizza.

"So, Lauren, how old are you?" Louis shot at me. 

I turned my head to him, "I'm 17 turning 18 next month."

          He nodded his head. I played with my fingers, trying not to seem awkward, even though it already was. Niall was whispering things to Louis that made them both laugh.

"What kind of pizza hun," Zayn looked to me, covering the end of the phone.

"An-" I was cut off by Niall.

"Get the meat lovers one," Niall said winking at me.

I put on my best smile.

"Niall don't be rude," Liam gave Niall an angry look.

"No it's fine, I don't mind, anyone is fine" I said.

          Harry stood to grab a juicebox from the table of snacks. He was wearing a brown blazer, dark green skinnies, and a white v-neck.

"Pizza will be here in 15." Zayn announced. 

          Harry sat back down next to me and I could feel my cheeks getting red. Louis looked at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. Liam then came to sit on the other side of me.

"Guys, I think she deserves pictures with us, she's a lovely girl." I didn't dare to look up at Harry cause my cheeks would've gone red, instead of light pink.

"I didn't bring my phone," I looked at my hands.

"No worried love," Liam reached for something in his pocket.

          I looked up and it was his Iphone 4s. Ugh, I hated pictures and I had to take one with each member of One Direction and at least try to look pretty.

"It's not necessary." I gave an innocent smile to Liam.

          Zayn took Liam's phone and squished himself between Liam and I. He turned the camera on and put it out in front of us. I buried my face in my hands and immediately started blushing.

"What's wrong love?" Zayn asked.

"I hate pictures," I admitted.

          I could feel hands touch my hands, and bring them down. I looked up and saw Niall sweetly smiling at me. His eyes were warm and resembled the calm ripples of an ocean. There was a knock at the door. We all looked up, until Louis stood up and opened the door. It was the pizza guy. Zayn had ordered four boxes of pizza! Niall was the first to the table,after Louis, then Harry and Liam. Zayn stood and helped me up. We headed to the table. The boys each grabbed a paper plate, then Liam passed me one. I smiled at him. After about seven minutes the fourth box was opened and I had already four slices. The meat really got me full. I got up and stretched.

"Thanks guys for the pizza, it was delicious," I said warmly.

"No problem hun," Liam said after swallowing.

          The other boys were too busy stuffing their faces, but still looking perfect.

"I want the last piece," Harry's deep British accent boomed.

"I'm having the last piece," Niall stood grabbing a hold of the pizza box in Harry's hands.

          I was on the sidelines, closest to Niall, watching their actions. They both tugged at the box, until Harry let go sending Niall and the opened box flying. Niall fell, but the box came flying at me. The last slice of pizza slid down my shirt, leaving a grease stain on my violet tang top.

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