My Life

Naomi Tylers life isn't great she has a three year old daughter named Alyssa and a Jealous and abusive boy friend named Kyle . See how it is for her


2. Chapter two

"Wake up mommy!" a small voice said. I opened my eyes enough to see that Alyssa was standing next to my bed. I groaned. I really don't want to get up I feel sore. "Okay Lyss", I said. Kyle made up that nickname for her. "Lets go get something to eat". I went into her room and helped her put her clothes on. And then I went and get dressed, I pulled back my hair. "How about we go to Dunkin Donuts ?" I asked. Alyssa nodded her head in approval. Dunkin Donuts is our favorite place to go. On the car ride there Alyssa asked many questions. "Mommy whats that on your arm?" I looked and saw my bruise. A bruise Kyle had given me. "Its a.. birthmark", I replied. She won't believe that for long. Alyssa is really smart and catching onto things quickly. "It looks weird". I nodded. We arrived at Dunkin Donuts after ten minutes. We walked in. "What would you two like today?" asked Chelsea. Chelsea is a friend of mine. "Well have two donuts with sprinkles", I replied. Alyssa clapped her hands. Chelsea handed us our donuts and we left and got into the car. "What was that noise last night mommy?" Alyssa asked. I literally froze. Did she hear us? "Urm.. Nothing". I honestly don't know what to tell her. We got back home and Kyle wasn't there. He better not be doing anything that he might regret.

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