My Life

Naomi Tylers life isn't great she has a three year old daughter named Alyssa and a Jealous and abusive boy friend named Kyle . See how it is for her


4. Chapter four

Kyle's P.O.V


I woke up not really knowing where I was . "What am I doing down here?" I asked myself. My head felt sore. I looked around. There are things thrown around every where. What happened? I walked all through the house, things are out of place. I went into mine and Naomi's bedroom and I noticed a CD \on the bed there was a note. 'Please watch this Kyle ~ Naomi' I slipped the Cd into the CD player. The video started there was Naomi at the kitchen table her face was stained with tears and blood. "Kyle you and I have been through so many things" She sniffled. "It seems like no matter what you do I always forgive you".  "That's true", I mumbled to myself. "But, Kyle what you did tonight was unforgiveable". What did I do that was so bad? "You not only cheated on me you went and harmed our child. Im sorry but, I decided me and Alyssa need to leave until you can get yourself together and think about what you had done". "No!" I yelled. "Good bye Kyle". The video ended. "What have I done!"

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