The Life Of Kelly Weber

There was a 21 year old attractive woman named Kelly Weber who has been through a lot and never could find the right man. Kelly then met a 23 year old mischievious man named Eric. Eric wasn't any normal man. He had a secret. What kind of secret you might ask? A secret that only time and love gone wrong will tell.


5. The secret


                 The next morning Kelly got up,went downstairs,got a cup of coffee,and as usual Eric wasn't there. Kelly suspected something was going on,but then she thought maybe his work schedule did change. When Eric came home two things dropped out of his bag. His work schedule and pink and black thongs that were not Kelly's. The work schedule didn't change at all. "YOUR CHEATING ON ME!!!!!!" said Kelly. "what? how could you possibly think that." said Eric while holding Kelly's hands. "oh oh ok you want to play that game well i'm holding thongs and your work schedule didn't change,and you've been sneeking out at night,and getting up early in the morning." Kelly said.


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