The Life Of Kelly Weber

There was a 21 year old attractive woman named Kelly Weber who has been through a lot and never could find the right man. Kelly then met a 23 year old mischievious man named Eric. Eric wasn't any normal man. He had a secret. What kind of secret you might ask? A secret that only time and love gone wrong will tell.


2. The Happening


                 Kelly Weber was just on her way out the door when she spotted a man that looked about 23 out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't belive it he was so good looking,and had a great smile,and he was moving in right next door to Kelly. When the man saw Kelly he greeted himself,and was happy to know they were going to be neighbors. Kelly was just standing there blushing hope he wouldn't notice. The man said "Would you like to maybe go out and we can get to know eachother better". "I would love to"Kelly said. "Great i will see you tonight at letts say 7". "sounds good" Kelly said. Kelly walked to her car,turned it on,and left without another word. When Kelly got home around 6 she started getting ready. When the man came to pick her up Kelly said "So what is your name"? "My apologies" he said "My name is Eric". Nice to meet you Eric" Kelly said. they were off to the most expensive resturaunt "The rock". When they sat down they started talking. When Kelly found out he was a billionaire and he had a great personality she knew he was the one.

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