The Life Of Kelly Weber

There was a 21 year old attractive woman named Kelly Weber who has been through a lot and never could find the right man. Kelly then met a 23 year old mischievious man named Eric. Eric wasn't any normal man. He had a secret. What kind of secret you might ask? A secret that only time and love gone wrong will tell.


3. Romance


                 While Kelly and Eric were inside where it was nice and toasty,it was raining outside. Kelly and Eric then ran to there car and hopped in. When they both pulled into Kelly's driveway they couldn't think of what to do next. So they did the smart thing and kissed. Kelly couldn't help but think this is it the man in my dreams,the man i was waiting for. Then kelly got out of the car with a red face and a smile. When Kelly got inside she threw everything down on the couch including herself. After that day she started to date Eric since she thought he was the one. They have been seeing each other for a week,and then thought about getting more serious. Eric and Kelly decided to move in with each other witch they thought was best. Two weeks later they were settled in and have moved in with each other. Kelly thought it was a bit to early but went along with it.

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