The Life Of Kelly Weber

There was a 21 year old attractive woman named Kelly Weber who has been through a lot and never could find the right man. Kelly then met a 23 year old mischievious man named Eric. Eric wasn't any normal man. He had a secret. What kind of secret you might ask? A secret that only time and love gone wrong will tell.


6. River of tears


              Kelly staring at Eric in amazement. she has been dating him for like a month now,and he's just now playing the "i don't know what your talking about" game. Kelly ran upstairs an started crying a "River Of Tears." "We were planning on getting married how could you?" Kelly said. Honestly i don't know what to say." Eric said. "I want to meet her." Kelly said. Eric was astonished that Kelly wants to meet his mistress. "Let me or were done." Kelly said. They got in the car and then disappeared into the night sky. A few hours later the arrived at a 2-story house with a mailbox that said the hudsons. At this point Kelly was driven up the wall by now. When they reached the door Eric said "are you sure you want to meet her?" "Positive." Kelly said with a mischevious smile. When the door creeked open the women didn't look very pretty. She had brown hair, blue eyes,and a good personality. She greeted Kelly with a handshake and then said "Hi my name is Morgan."

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