Story of Dani Fisher

Dani fisher is a 19 year old girl who is trying to find who she is.Along the way she meets her special some one and finds out who she really is


2. Chapter two

So I'm getting ready and packing my stuff to go to the airport and meet Nicole there. I'm so excited I'm going to California and go to college to become a singer. YAY!!! I heard my mom opening my door and she said " are you ready to go "
I said " yeah just let me get my shoes and my phone and ill be downstairs in a minute"
"Okay" my mother said " I'll be in the car"

It was hard to say goodbye to my parents. I'm going to miss them but I have to follow my dram and become a singer and get famous and probably act or do something else..... Maybe. I went downstairs and got my luggage and I put everything in the trunk and got in the backseat my patents were already in the car and we left to the airport. Nicole was waiting for me and I walked up to her with my things and gave her hug

"Hey girl " Nicole said happily "are you ready"
" yeah let me just say goodbye to my parents" I said

I walked towards my parents and gave them a hug. I saw my mom cry and I started to cry with her
" I'm going to miss you so much honey"my mom said
" I'm going to miss you to both of you" I said
" be careful" my dad said with tears in his eyes
It was hard to see my parents cry but I was going to visit them when I have vacations.
" I'll call you when I get to California " I said and they both said okay
They called for my flight and me and Nicole walked to our gate and we got on the plane and sat in our seats. I lived in Colorado Springs so it would be like 5 hrs in the plane but I'm not exactly sure. I fell into a deep sleep for the half of the flight.


Hey guys well this my first fanfiction and I need
People to be a character I here and I need some one to be Harry's gf and Liam's gf so comment and ill pick 2 people so comment :)
- janeth

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