Story of Dani Fisher

Dani fisher is a 19 year old girl who is trying to find who she is.Along the way she meets her special some one and finds out who she really is


3. Chapter three


Me and zayn were packing and getting ready for our concert in California. The other boys barley just woke up and they started packing there stuff and we are we're getting ready to go to the airport.

"Are you guys ready"I said while walking down the hallway.
" yeah ill go start the van " said Harry getting the car keys from the counter.
"Alright" I said putting my bag down

I went to the kitchen and got a bowl and set it down on the table and went to go get the milk, cereal and a spoon. I sat down and ate my cereal. I saw Louis walk in and he was looking for food. Then zayn an Liam walk in and got food and sat down to eat. All of us ate and Harry was watching the television. I stood up and went to the sink to wash my bowl and spoon. I went to the living room and got my bags and went outside to put them in the van.
We all got in the van and went to the airport. We walked into the airport and we passed through all the security ad waited till our flight was here.

They called out flight we got up and got on board and sat down. I sat my zayn and Liam was with Louis and Harry was alone.

"Finally going somewhere that is sunny!!" Zayn said smiling
" I know I can't wait" I said with excitement
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