Story of Dani Fisher

Dani fisher is a 19 year old girl who is trying to find who she is.Along the way she meets her special some one and finds out who she really is


1. Chapter one

Hello their my beautiful people. My name is Daniella fisher but my nickname is dani. I just graduated high school woohoo.... Not -_- life isn't really interesting for me. I'm more of the quite type of girl who sits in the back and doesn't really talk. I have friends but I'm more focused on my education and I'm ready to start my life in college. I want to be a singer. My best friend is Nicole Martinez. She loves like really loves one direction. She talks about them like Every minute. I really don't pay attention what she says about them but I know there names. Harry,Niall,Liam,Zayn and Louis. Me and her are going to the same college for singers. It's exciting and amazing that I'm going to spend college with my best friend. Well anyways talk to you guys soon:)

~ dani
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