Band Meeting

Hailee grew up in a small town with no idea where her life was going. People tell her that her voice would make the big leagues, but all she wanted to do was write songs. When she gets a job writing for Tune In, the most popular boy band in the world, she is thrown into the world of fame, paparazzi, boys, love, and heartache; will she be able to keep her secret or will it slip out?


1. First Day Pain

"Molly, I have to go. I'm in front of the record label now. Love you, sweetie. See ya for lunch!"

I hang up on my best friend and enter British Records. Yes, even though I'm American, I got a job at British record label. 

I had tried to dress appropriate for the job. I wore a cotton candy pink dress with a brown leather jacket and my favorite boots. My dark brown hair was curled  and I had my usual neutral make-up. I was so excited I ran up the steps to the producers door and knocked.

" Who is it?" A cute British boy accent. One of the members.

" Hailee Reignheart. I'm here for a meeting with-" The door opened and a brightly lit room met me. There was a long round table and people were sitting in every chair except for two.

" Hi guys! Sorry I'm late. I got lost and then stuck in traffic. I am soooo sorry."

Mr. Big Shot sat at the end of the table with his bald head shinning in the sunlight. He had a large grin on he face from seeing how flustered I am. " It's alright sweetie. I expected you to be a little late so I postponed the meeting till you got here. The boys have been anxious to meet you."

I look at the other occupied seats to see four boys about my age. The one next to the producer had light, sandy blonde hair and dimples when he smiled. His eyes were a dark blue. He was wearing a maroon letterman jacket with a black, tight t-shirt underneath.

Next to him was a boy with oil black hair and eyes the same mystical color. He dressed in a black t-shirt and bulgy jeans. Typical guy attire.

Then, two guys with Justin Bieber type hair and geeky looking glasses caught my attention. They are like one of those baby faced boys, I would call them cute. They must be the twins.

" Isn't there five of you?" 

They all laughed before the blonde boy said, " Yes. Johnathan just didn't want to inconvenience you by having to look at his 'ugly' face. His words, not ours. He's in the men's room."

" Oh. So... are we gonna do introductions?"

That's when the door burst open and knocked me down, head first into the table.

Everything went black.



Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I would really appreciate it if you read my other book, too, called Death Sentence. I love feedback, good or bad. It encourages me to write more and better. I hope you enjoyed!

Love Ya,



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