Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


6. Trust

Raquel's POV:

                            Those six words; the words that start a conversation that I never wanted to happen. What was I going to say? NO! That would be rude, my mother taught me better than that. But the other half of me didn't want to open up to a total stranger. How could I trust the person right in front of me?

"Raquel, I know that your confused but you can trust me." I was still not totally convinced, and one word popped in my head.


Liam's POV:

                           That word that left her mouth puzzled me. I wanted to know what was happening and for her to trust me there was only one thing. As I thought of when I found her; her running away and the golden heart on the concrete. The Locket. I was worried that I might have missed placed it. I frantically checked all my pockets. I shoved my hand into my right jean pocket, and found the precious locket. I pulled the heart out and showed it to her.

"Because of this,"

 As I reveled the golden locket, she touched her neck seeming that she forgot she lost it. She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and stared at the beautiful necklace. Her worried and anxious eyes met mine, looking for reassurance. I quickly nodded; why would she be so scared for grabbing something that is hers? Her tiny pale hands grabbed the locket, and quickly unlocked it. She turned so she was leaning at the foot of the bed. I glanced over her shoulder, barley catching a glimpse of the photos. A little girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was smiling in a field, and on the other photo a couple on their wedding day.

                     I soon sat next to her. I glanced back and forth from Raquel and the photos. After a couple seconds, I was only staring at Raquel. Her blue eyes were glassed over; my heart sank. Without thinking I wrapped my arms around her frail body, tucking her into my side. She tensed up only for a second, before she soon calmed at my touch. Her head fond the crock of my neck.

            She was sobbing and I soon had her in my lap, rocking her back and forth. I kept whispering in her ear that 'your ok' and 'I'll protect you'. She nodded and cried harder, but in the process she said three words that I have wanted her to say since the moment I saw her.

" I trust you"

                 A great smile landed on my face. I continued to rock her until she was fast asleep. I carried her to the bed once again and tucked her in. The second round of rain hit London again, so I shut the balcony doors. As I got use to the peace and quiet, my phone went off. I hurried to put my phone on silent, not to wake Raquel. I checked my messages. Niall. I clicked the conversation.

Hey mate, me and the boys are going to come over for the football match. We'll bring the food!:)

     I replied: 

Can I take a rain check, got stuff to do.



                I wanted to know more about Raquel. I had gained her trust, but I now needed to find her.



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