Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


8. Toy Story

Liam's POV:

We sat there for awhile, in each others arms. Her crying was halted and she seemed calm again; That didn't stop me from stroking her hair and telling her I was sorry. I could tell she was smirking.

She pulled away." You know its not your fault. You are helping me now, and I couldn't thank you anymore". I pulled her back into a quick hug then stood up.

"I will always help you", I said. I stood up and help my hand out, which she took right away. I pull her into my side and squeezed her shoulder. She had a small smile on her face. I so happy that I could make her happy. We walked into the living room. I told her to sit down, as I went to get the DVD book. A ginormous leather book, filled to the brim with a mix of Disney Pixar to horror and romantic comedy. The thing weighed about a good stone in half (a unit of weight in uk. about 20 pounds). I gave Raquel the book she intently picked out Toy Story 3. God this girl gets me. We started watching the movie from 2 different couches; but around half way through I popped popcorn and we were right next to each other stuffing out faces.

When the Buzz Light-year went spanish my phone started ringing. It was Louis: Hey can't wait to come over. Oh can we watch the football match, its Britain versus France!  :D See you soon:).

Oh no. I totally forgot. Not about the match that was sure to be good, but of the boys coming over. Raquel didn't even notice my thinking. She was laughing too hard from the movie. Her laugh was the prettiest sound I have ever heard; And her smile that accompanied her laugh was gorgeous. Stop it Payne; your getting distracted. I had to tell her.

"Hey," I said trying to get her attention. Her head instantly turned her head to face me. Her big blue eyes were a little worried.

"Something wrong?" she asked almost scared.

"No nothings wrong. I was going to tell you that the boys were wanting to come over to watch the match. Is that ok?"

"Liam its you house, and your the one who is helping me. Of course its ok with me! I have a question. Are you ok with your friends coming over with me here?" she said sounding very wise.

"Raquel its completely fine." I said giving her a reassuring smile. She then nodded and turned back to the movie.


I was nervous, so nervous. Not for Britain, but for meeting Liam's friends. What if they don't like me. Anyway sitting and watching movies with Liam was so fun. In the middle of the movie he would crack the corniest jokes, that had nothing to do with the movie. Of course I laughed, but he was very funny.

The movie ended I looked down a myself. God I was a wreck. "Liam is it ok if I could get a shower before the boys come over?" I asked kind of scared.

He looked very confused. "Of  course you can get a shower." He said laughing a little. " Oh I might have some clothes from when my sister came to visited,"

" Thanks Liam," I said hugging him. He slipped his arms around my small waist. I sat up and headed to the bathroom. I took a quick shower. The hot water felt so good on my aching muscles. When I got out of the shower , there was a pair of black skinny jeans and a Victoria Secret red hoodie. The clothing fit perfectly on me. I was ready to meet the boys of One Direction!





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