Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


1. The Rainy Day




  Raquel POV:

 The cloudy London sky swept the streets with a haunting gloom. I was sitting on the street, looking at the locket, my mum gave me. A picture of her on the wedding day.  I miss her everyday, her clothing, the smell of her perfume, and her unconditional love. I was only 10, my sister 6. But know I'm here on the streets of London asking for spare change and she's in the home of a monster. After mom died, my dad went into a deep, dark depression.

                                                       Not handling it well, he turned abusive. He hit, kicked, and cut us. But I would try to draw all of the attention towards me, not my sister. Her name is Rebecca, sweet and innocent. How could you hurt a little girl? I ran from home,I sometimes think of escape plans for me to save her, but I'm so weak and scared I can't.


   My flashback was ended by the sight of rain drops on the sidewalk. I got up brushing the dirt off my tattered jeans. I put the gold locket in my pants pocket and went to find a doorway to hid under. I was traveling down the back alleys, the smell of beer filled the air. I felt my knees weakening as I reached the back alley of a coffee shop. A perfect corner . I sat down, with my knees to my chest. My eyes started to get heavy, and my final thoughts were of Rebecca.


 Liam's POV:

  I was looking at all the stupid stories that the magazines were talking about; "One Direction breaking up, Zayn's leaving the band, 1D starting fights on twitter". God, where do people get this crap. I shut my laptop down. I felt so angry; I was missing something in my life, I was incomplete. I put my headphones in and was about to walk out the front door of the coffee shop. But of cores fans. They had one direction head to toe outfits. I took a couple of pictures, as I looked at the clock my head raced. The time was 11:45, I'm late. I ran through the coffee shop. I opened the back door, it was pouring outside. I looked for me car in the street but only to find a drenched girl hunched over. She was shivering, until her gorgeous blue eyes met mine.







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