Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


3. Saved..Almost

   Liam POV:

                      I got in the car and started driving. I can't go back to the studio with her, I thought. I pulled out my phone and called the first boy I saw. Harry.

  "Hello", Harry said in a furious tone.

 "Harry I know your mad at me but just listen"

 " What's your excuse this time"

 "I was leaving the coffee shop outside of town, I got stop by fans"

 "That's why you should have Paul with you mate, and not a good enough excuse"

 "There's more, I was leaving the back entrance, when I saw a girl an-"

 Harry cut me off, "Let me guess, you wined and dined her?"

 "No, she was soaking wet sitting on the sidewalk. I think she's homeless"

 "What if she was just waiting for a ride?"

"I don't think so cause, when I stop in front of her she ran. I think she thought I was the owner or something"

 "So she ran, now get your ass to the studio"

"She kind of didn't", I said warily


"I ask her to stop she did, but she pass out"

"Where is she"

"When she fainted she was as white as a ghost. I caught her before she fell and know she's sitting in my car unconscious... what should I do!"

"Forget about coming back to the studio, just take her to your place and well all be there soon. WAIT do you even know her name?"

"No, but on her locket it say 'Raquel'"

"Ok just take her to you're house"

"Thanks mate" then the phone hung up.


                                                               We finally got back to the house, a two story dream. I opened the door, threw my keys to the small cup by the living room. I rushed her frail body into my bedroom. I laid her down under the silk duvet, and waited for the boys. But my real attention was on her. She was beautiful, like a lily in full bloom. Now I was sitting next to her, brushing the lose strands of hair off of her face. She was sickly thin. The tint to her skin was not coming back. I decided to get her something to eat in the kitchen. I, without waking her got up and shut the door. 




Raquel POV:



     I going over my last memories. Thinking of Rebecca. Finding the corner to sleep in. Waking seeing that tall guy. Running. Him telling me to stop. His eyes; tantalizingly brown. I saw him with four other guys on billboard once. He was flawless, no perfect. I'd been awake, but fake sleeping. I crack my eyes open just a little, hoping to see the soaked pavement. But I was paralyze.

                                                                                         My head scrambled; I was lying down in a different bed, different room, different house, maybe a different world. I gathered my thoughts and started asking questions. Where am I? I propped myself up, and looked around the room. The bedroom was all white with a huge window that headed out to a balcony. I swung my feet around the bed to stand. It took me a minute to gather my balance, limping a little. I cautiously walk to the French doors. The rain from earlier in the day was gone, but it was replaced by a beautiful rainbow.  

                                                                                    I remember sometimes in the spring, my family would go out to a huge field near my home. We would bring a huge basket of our favorite foods. But that field has nightmares fill it now. When my dad got mad, I would tell Rebecca to run and hind in the meadow. After I would distract my dad, I cried Rebecca name into the fields.  


                                                                                                       Tears streamed down my face, but I quickly wiped them away when I heard the door open. "Hello there", a familiar voice spoke from behind my. I turned to see him.

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