Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


2. My Angel

  Raquel POV:


    My slumber was halted by the sound of the back door of the coffee shop creaking open. But then I saw a tall guy looking down at me. He had a upset look on his flawless face. I was anxious, I stood up then ran down the alley again. I made out foot steps behind me, but I didn't want them to catch me. What would they do a underage homeless girl? Throw me in a shelter or foster home. 



"Stop, Please", he called out. I wanted to trust him, but the fear of not being able to save Rebecca over took me."Just stop, I can help".



 Liam POV: 

                                                 She was so small, precious, and beautiful. Was she homeless? She was covered in dirt, face as hollow as a cave. Her hair was the color of chocolate, eyes of the tropical ocean. Before I could react, she was half way down the alley. I looked back down to the spot she was sitting at. The gray, damp sidewalk was broken up by a golden heart. A Locket. I snatched it off the ground and started sprinting towards her.

                                                 "Stop, please. Just stop, I can help", I called out. She froze dead in her tracks, slowly turning towards me. Tears were streaming down her face, her skin was white as a ghost. " Are you ok?" , I asked. 

                                        "No", she barley whispered. Her eyes fell back in her head. I entrapped her in my arms before she fell. I carried her back to my Land Rover, set her in the front seat. I planted a small kiss on her forehead, hoping she would stayed.





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