Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


7. Breaking, Yet Fixing

Raquel's POV:

                             I was lying in a desert. My eyelids still shut, tightly. I finally pried open my eyes to take in my surroundings. The white sun sat in the sky, but the air was ice cold. The ground was cracked and dry. I looked around, but there was nothing. I tried to stand and quickly failed. I fell on the ground. I tried again to get up and finally got up. I saw as the sun was getting covered by gloomy storm clouds. Then I heard it.

               "Raquel......Raquel... Please turn around!"

           I turned around to meet my one fear. Rebecca. Standing right in front of me. She was balling her eyes out, her makeup smearing. I was frozen. I looked straight in to hey green eyes.


      I started walking closer, holding my arms out to hug her. I walked; then started sprinting. I was so close to her, yet so far away. Then from behind her my dad popped up. Rebecca face was pale and her eyes screamed help me. I crashed to my knees, as all my hope was gone.

"Please, just don't hurt her, Please", I begged, as tears fell from my eyes.

"How did you read my mind", he said sarcastically. He then laughed in a deep, scary tone. With a ripping noise, Rebecca froze. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but by the time I realized what was happening another rip noise came. Rebecca's cold lifeless body slumped down to the dusty ground. I scrambled to see if she was still breathing. I flipped her body over, and put my ear up to her chest. I focused, hoping for a beat. Nothing. As I lifted my head, blood covered the left side of my face. I started to shake, but soon stopped when I saw my dad started to walk closer to me. God help me, please. Or someone.

Liam's POV:

                       Raquel was still sleeping, thank god because she looked so exhausted. I was in the kitchen ordering something for dinner It was already 5. I calling Nandos. After I ordered I heard something coming from my bedroom. Raquel. I ran across the house as fast as I could. My heart was racing. I slammed in the wall, not turning fast enough. I froze at the door. I quickly grabbed the knob , and almost broke the door. There she was screaming at the top of her lungs,

 " Stop. No. NO NOOOO!"

             I ran to the side of the bed. She kept thrashing, so I held her arms down. That made it worse. I stood and carefully snuck under the covers, making sure no to scare her any more. I took her fragile frame into me. She was now sobbing, but she wasn't awake yet. She soon calmed enough for me to flip her so she was facing me. I took one of my hands and placed it on her pale cheek. I soon was whispering sweet things like ' I'm here, I'll protect you' and 'Your safe'. As I said those few phrases, she soon calmed to my touch. I had to sit up from the knock on my door. I quickly went, answered the door, and grabbed the food. I put the food in the kitchen, and went back to Raquel. She was awake.

"Liam, where did you go?"

" Oh, I ordered some food. Are you okay?"

"Yea, I just woke up again and I didn't feel you next to me"

" Well are you hungry?"

She shook her head, but the cue of her stomach growling was perfect.

" You are hungry, come", I offered my hand out to her, which she accepted. And there on her face the first smile.


Raquel was eating her chicken in the dinning room, more like scarfing it down. When did she last eat, I thought. As I was lost in my thoughts my phone rang. I found it on the counter. Zayn.

"Hello?" I answered

"Hey Liam, what's up man?" Zayn said in a over peppy voice.

"Ummm.. I'm just hangin,"

" Oh hey is it ok if the boys and me stop by to talk about the single?"

" Yea that's fine, but ask Harry about my arrangements."

"Something wrong?"

"No, Zayn just talk to Harry," I tried to say in a calm voice.

"Okay, well I'll see you later,"

"Ok bye mate."

     I was worried, what if the boys take me caring for a girl I found on the street. God I was crazy, but I didn't care. When I saw Raquel I needed to know her; She was broken and I needed to fix her. As the I went through my thoughts, I completely forgot about Raquel.

"Everything ok?" She said. I was shocked. She was finally opening up.

" Yea, everything is fine. Hey, is it ok if we could talk." I responded nervously. She nodded. She was so cute; after she nodded she tucked her left leg to her chin and stared deep into my eyes.

"Tell me about you first", she said.

" Well, My name is Liam Payne. I'm from Wolver Hampton. My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. I love football. I am in a band One Direction. We were formed on the X-Factor as solo acts. We made it to the finals, but only got 3rd. Instead of going back to regular life, we got signed to Simon's label. Now we are big all over the world."

"What are the other boys names?"

"Wells there is me, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry"

"Now can you tell me about you?"

She nodded and toke a deep breath. "My name is Raquel Wilson. I'm from London. My favorite color is sliver and my favorite food is strawberries. I love my sister. My mom passed away when I was 10. I ran away from home at 17 and now I'm here." As she finished her sentence I knew she was hiding something.

"Raquel, tell me about your dad. Please". She looked scared all of a sudden. "Raquel, I'm here. I will keep you safe." There was a tense silence, but I had a idea. "I will ask you question. You give me yes or no answers, and if you want to talk about that subject we will. Okay?" She stared at her shoes before she nodded.

"Is your dad mean", I asked but a part of me knew that answer, and my gut was right. She nodded.

"I don't know where your sister is, but is she ok?" She shrugged, then a small tear rolled down her cheek. I quickly scooted my seat closer to her and wiped the tear with my thumb. "Do you want go on?" She nodded. "Ok, was your dad abusive?" She nodded. I heart broke a little, and her eyes let another tear out. She shakily wiped it away. "Can we talk about your dad?" Her eyes drifted to the ground searching for some hope, then taking a deep breath she said yes.

"Did cause serious damage to your sister or you?" I asked not wanting yes to be the answer.

" Not to Rebecca, but yes. I tried to turn my father beating towards me. I was hospitalized a couple times." she said so calmly.

"Where is your sister?" I asked a little bit more sincerely. She paused and took another breath.

"Rebecca is with him."

"I'm sorry." I sunk down on my knees in front of her. Our eye locked, and I could tell that she was on the brink of another break down. She finally gave in and wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her little waist. She was breaking, but I knew I could fix her.

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