Save Me

Raquel is homeless, tired and alone. She's hoping for something to fall from heaven, but maybe he's right around the corner.


4. A Cookie and a Start

      Raquel's POV:

                                  Shock. I froze, scared if I moved he would attack. I was jumping to conclusions; why would a guy who probably saved my life attack me.  Still I was worried, what if he wanted to turn me in. But being the person I am, I wanted to take a chance. I take a deep breath, clear my head, and slowly turn on my heels to face him. He had changed into a button up shirt and a pair of tight jeans, and his cologne was sweet. he was carrying a plate of chocolate chip cookies. He set the plate down on the bed and flicked his hair, or what was left.  He must have had a hair cut a couple months ago. As I walked back into the room, I built up enough courage to say


            Liam's POV:

                                I scared her. Nice going Liam. I carefully put my favorite food which are chocolate chip cookies on the bed, and flicked what's left of my hair. Nervous habit. As I looked back up at her, she had turned around and was now holding her fragile hand in front of her. She walked back into the room from the balcony.


                 I was taken back. Her voice; not rough or harsh, but soft and sweet like honey. She looked into my eyes, her eyes were a gorgeous green and blue color. Hair was a light brown or dirty blonde. I looked up and down, and by her prominent showing ribs I could tell she was hungry. I was sadden but I needed to talk to her.

"What is your name love?"

                 She took a couple seconds to answer. It was a little odd, but she did answer.


 " Well Raquel, my name is Liam. Its a pleaser to meet you.'

                I held my hand out, but she didn't take it. So I grabbed the plate and held it out. Her eyes lit up and then she shook her head.

" Would you like a cookie?"

                   She nodded.

" You know you can take one love."

                     Cautiously, like a gazelle taking a drink but scared of the alligators in the water, she took a cookie. For the second time she look straight into my eyes and said in almost a whisper,

" Thank you"

                     She almost inhaled the cookie, and I could almost see a smile on her face.


                     Raquel's POV:

                                               The first bite of food in about a week. I was pleased for that one moment, and then I was whirled back to reality. Now Liam was sitting on the bed, staring at me. I felt self-conscious. But he spoke again.

" Can you tell me about yourself."



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