But We're Related, Sort Of...

Laura and Harry Styles are step-siblings. They have perfectly normal lives until one day all of the boys- mostly Harry- want her to come on the road with them. It all starts from there...


10. The test *Laura's pov*

It's been three months since everything. Since I got here, almost died, the Liam project, Paul canceling the tour because "someone near and dear to him passed away" but we all know he was tiered of us, and finally, after just about for ever I did it with Harry! And some thing else... I woke up and ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. No one but Niall was in our hotel room and I guess he heard me and ran into the bathroom. "Ew! I mean, you ok?" He asked. "No. G-g-go to the d-d-drug store. Get me a pregnancy t-t-test." I cried. He came back about five minutes later. That's why we are best friends. He allowed me to do what I needed to and I stumbled out of the bathroom. "Purple means unsure. Blue means no. Pink means yes." I said slowly as I showed him the test. "Pink." He whispered.
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