But We're Related, Sort Of...

Laura and Harry Styles are step-siblings. They have perfectly normal lives until one day all of the boys- mostly Harry- want her to come on the road with them. It all starts from there...


6. The Surprise *Harry's pov*

I woke up early, but not early enough. Zayn was still awake. "Go back to bed!" I hissed. Did he even hear me? "Zayn! Sleep!" I ran up to him and hit him on the head. He WAS sleeping!! First, pay back! I took a red marker and gave him a unibrow, Liam got an eye patch, Niall got a mustache, and Louis got a poorly drawn carrot on his face, arm, and foot. Now, I drove to the nearest Starbucks and got an iced coffee. I got back home and everyone was still asleep. Wow... I snuck back in bed with the iced coffe on the floor and fell back asleep. I woke up to a girly scream. Zayn must have seen his face. Louis and Niall were sitting on the couch normally. "Hey, I think you have some.... uh... Just go look at your face. Both of you." They ran to the bathroom and pushed Zayn out. Liam woke up and started laughing at Zayn. "I know! It's a-" Zayn started to crack up. I thought I should get out before Laura woke up. I ran to the door, but was stopped. "Pay back!" I laughed. I ran to Laura to give her the iced coffe and ran out… I didn't run fast enough. She came out to me with the words 'The surprise is pay back!' all over her face. "Your such a bitch!" She laughed. "Thank you!" I smiled.
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