But We're Related, Sort Of...

Laura and Harry Styles are step-siblings. They have perfectly normal lives until one day all of the boys- mostly Harry- want her to come on the road with them. It all starts from there...


9. The Liam Project *Laura's pov*

It's been three days since Harry or I have talked to Zayn. They have another interview today and Liam's watching me. I know he likes me so I thought of a plan to make him admit it. I told my master idea to my new best friend, Niall. "How long will you guys be gone?" I asked him. "About seven hours, why?" He asked. "I'm getting Liam to admit he likes me!" I whispered-yelled. "How?" He wondered. "Simply. Get close to him and act sweet. Within two hours of that, he'll spill like a fountain." I laughed. After they left, I walked up to Liam. "Let's watch Toy Story!" I made him jump. "Oh, ah, sure!" He laughed. **AFTER THE MOVIE** Five hours left. Liam was asleep so I put my head on his chest and pretended to sleep. He woke up because his phone rang. He leaned up to me and kissed my cheek. Ok, time to wake up. "Hey sleepy head!" He whispered. "Oh sorry!" He looked down to my head. "Oh it's ok! I didn't even notice!" Sure! I sat up and he leaned up to my lips and kissed me! Not my cheek, my lips! "Sorry. I know you have a thing going with Harry." He whispered. I leaned up to him and kissed him. He threw me on top of him and I wraped my legs around him. He stood up and walked to his bunk as I took his shirt off. He started to kiss my neck and taking my shirt off. I slipped out of my skirt and took his pants off. He started to kiss down my stomach and he slipped off my thong... Yes, I was wearing a thong. He took of his underwear and entered me. Four more hours after that. "I love you." He whispered in my her. Yes! Goal achieved! "Don't tell?" I whispered. "As long as you don't!" He replied. We watched the next two Toy Story movies and I fell asleep with my head on his chest. This time I didn't mean to! I heard the door open and then laughing, followed by a scream. That scream was me! Liam stood up after they started laughing, which woke him up. Niall helped me up and took me to the bathroom to help my bloody nose. "So?" He asked. "Liam Project step one, complete!" I laughed.
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