But We're Related, Sort Of...

Laura and Harry Styles are step-siblings. They have perfectly normal lives until one day all of the boys- mostly Harry- want her to come on the road with them. It all starts from there...


16. Found Them, Sadly... *Liam's pov*

I ran out the door and into my car. I got out my phone and had... 10 MISSED CALLS?!?! All Zayn and Louis. Voice mail. Great. The first one was from Zayn. "Hey Liam. Comg pick me and Louis up from Hooters? We got a little... Drunk." I could tell he was drunk. Short voice mail. One more. "Liam? Get me and Zayn? Hooters. Please!?" I drove up to Hooters and got out my phone. I texted Laura saying 'Found them... Sadly...' I ran inside and saw Louis and Zayn at a booth. They saw me and ran outside, dragging me be the wrist. "Are you two ok?" I asked. They both nodded. "So Niall didn't even know where you guys were going?" Zayn shrugged. The rest of the ride was silent. I got out and ran inside. "Laura? I'm back!" I yelled. Laura ran past me and up to Zayn and Louis. "I'm glad you two are ok!" I cried, hugging them. She turned around to look at me and smiled. "Hope you didn't meet any meet any one at Hooters!" She laughed. "Well..." I smiled. "Ha ha! Don't ever say that or I'll dump your sorry-" I kissed her so she would shut up. "I'm going to bed." She yawned and walked upstairs. I fell asleep waching tv on the couch. I'm so sorry, back!
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