But We're Related, Sort Of...

Laura and Harry Styles are step-siblings. They have perfectly normal lives until one day all of the boys- mostly Harry- want her to come on the road with them. It all starts from there...


13. Can we talk, Liam? *Laura's pov*

Niall told me to talk to Liam and I couldn't believe it. Then everything went black. "Guys! I think she's awake!" Liam yelled. He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. "Liam? Can I talk to you?" I mumbled, but he must have understood me. He picked me up like a bride and walked into the kitchen, putting me down on the counter. "What's wrong, Laura?" He whispered. I smiled a little bit and whispered "I'm pregnant." He looked confused. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Never mind. You should go to the hospital. Come on." He rambled. I stood up and got my shoes. "And where are you going, Miss Laura?" Niall laughed. "Hospital! Got a problem?" I asked. "Oh. Sorry." He mumbled. I kissed him on the cheek. "Bye!" I laughed and grabbed a key to our room. I ran to Liam's car and hopped in. The ride was short and quiet, but when we got there, it was still quiet. Liam some how got me in without an appointment, and I don't really want to know! We walked in and I sat down. The doctor did all of the normal stuff to get me ready. And then, I could see him! Or her! "Oh! It's a girl!" The doctor smiled. At least SOMEONE was happy! "So, just wondering... Can you do a DNA test?" I mumbled. "Just to be sure?" Liam wondered and I nodded. I did think it was him, but better safe then sorry. She did what she had to and told me they would know by tomorrow. We got back into the car and Liam finally broke the silence. "So, I was thinking Marissa Lauren. How about you?" Was he talking about the girl? No duh Laura! "That's beautiful! I love the name Marissa, but how about Virginia Lauren?" I asked. "I like that even better!" He smiled. Once we got home, I started to wonder who I would tell... Niall!!
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