Just A Game

Paige Madison is one of the most popular models in all of England. And Louis Tomlinson is apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the entire world. Opposites attract, but are these two meant to be when they are forced to be together? Or will they find a way out? They have no interest in each other, so why should they be a couple, right? But if they call it off, fame just might destroy their careers.... But who knows?

Now it's your job to find out! xoxo :)


8. 7-Paige

Louis' here at my job today. He's watching while I do a photo shoot for a new summer collection. He smiles most of the time, I guess because he's a happy guy. Something seemed weird with him when I met up with him this morning downstairs. I just shrugged it off and let him be. It would be awkward if I started a conversation about it. We're not that close... yet.

When my photo shoot was finished, I told Louis that I'd go get us some water, and strutted off to the hall. On my way out, I rammed into Andrew. Everyone just calls him the water boy, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one around here that actually knows his name. "Oh, hey Paige. I was just about to bring you this." He said, handing me a bottle of water. 

Andrew was about my age, with twinkly brown eyes and dark hair. He dressed nicely every day, usually in khakis and a neat shirt. He was cute, and he even had a slightly sexy look to him. I don't really know him, but I guess I'd like to. "Thanks Andrew, I appreciate it." I grinned. "But I need another one for-"

"That guy? Is he a friend of yours?" he asked. I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the situation between Louis and I. 

"He's uhm.... My boyfriend." I told him, shying away. 

"Oh, cool. I'll be back with another-"

"Actually, you can just forget it. I'll see you around, Andrew." I squeezed his arm and smiled, suddenly feeling embarrassed. I walked back to where Louis had been sitting after already gulping down half of the bottle. He stared at me flirtatiously as I approached him, and stood to his feet. I tossed him the water. "There was only one left." I lied, watching as he started chugging the rest down and threw it in the trash with one of those stupid basketball moves. I rolled my eyes. "I'm gonna go get dressed, I'll be back in a second so you can take me home." 

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the waist and stuck his nose in my neck. "How about I go with you, hmm?" I tried to push him away but he didn't budge. "I'm just doing it for the cameras, love."

"I don't see any cameras around, Louis." I growled, shoving him hard. I rolled my eyes again and cat walked to my dressing room. Dell was in there, organizing my vanity. "Hey, Dell." I greeted him, falling onto the couch and sighing. 

"Good afternoon, sugarplum." He grinned, making me smile. "Let's go get some coffee or something." he said, sitting beside me and grabbing my hand. 

"I can't, Louis is waiting for me. Maybe tomorrow?"


"Yeah. Um, can we talk more about this tomorrow? I'm so tired and I really just want to get dressed and go home." I told him, trying to avoid the subject. He nodded and kissed my head, and fled the room. I dressed out of my photo shoot dress and into my outfit that I had started the day with; denim skinny jeans and a yellow blouse with matching yellow wedged heels.

I looked in the mirror and sighed, exhausted.

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