Just A Game

Paige Madison is one of the most popular models in all of England. And Louis Tomlinson is apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the entire world. Opposites attract, but are these two meant to be when they are forced to be together? Or will they find a way out? They have no interest in each other, so why should they be a couple, right? But if they call it off, fame just might destroy their careers.... But who knows?

Now it's your job to find out! xoxo :)


7. 6-Louis

My day off went by too quickly, and Monday had crept up on me faster than I'd thought.

Eleanor called me yesterday, saying that she'd really enjoyed the party and that she wants to see me again. We didn't make official plans, but I assured her that we'd meet up soon. I like Eleanor, because I can tell that there's a fun side to her that people don't see very often. Me, I take that as a challenge, so I'm excited to get to know her. 

Simon is forcing me to go see Paige today at work. Its supposed to be some kind of romantic gesture of some sort. He told me there'd be plenty of cameras, so I had to do good. 

I got myself out of bed and prepared myself. I dressed in dark jeans and a white shirt with black stripes. I threw on a maroon colored sweater and black converse, then headed to the modelling studio in my little black convertible car. 

Paige was a sweet girl. She was different then I expected, though. I liked getting her mad, it was amusing to me how mature she tried to act all the time. We are supposed to be teenagers in love, but all she really cares about keeping her career on point. And I predict that shes not so good on speaking her feelings. 

I parked the car and asked for Paige at the front desk. There were a few paparazzi scattered in the lobby, already bombarding me with questions. I ignored all of them and waited for her. I tapped my foot and closed my eyes, thinking about a new song that the boys and I are working on. I tried not the think about those damn cameras and cleared my head. When I opened my eyes, Paige was approaching me with a curious look on her face. She took both of my hands in hers and came close to my face so that our noses were touching. "Are you okay, love?" she asked, fluttering her lashes. I nodded and kissed the corner of her mouth, then swung my arm around her neck as we walked casually to the elevator. She looked nice with her hair pulled back into an elegant ponytail. She wore big earrings and a long colorful summer dress too. 

"You look beautiful." I said, speaking out my thought. She thanked me as we stepped into the lift. When the doors closed, her warmth disconnected from my body. She stood quietly until we got to our stop and her hand was intertwined with mine by the time the doors opened again. 

Its frustrating to have a fake girlfriend.  

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