Just A Game

Paige Madison is one of the most popular models in all of England. And Louis Tomlinson is apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the entire world. Opposites attract, but are these two meant to be when they are forced to be together? Or will they find a way out? They have no interest in each other, so why should they be a couple, right? But if they call it off, fame just might destroy their careers.... But who knows?

Now it's your job to find out! xoxo :)


3. 3-Paige

I woke up late the next morning, because I had foolishly stayed up thinking about this boy band guy that I'm meeting today. Gregory rescheduled the party to 3 in the afternoon because of some silly catering issue. And I was told to be there one hour early to get introduced to Louis. My stomach churned wildly at the thought of it. But I didn't know if it was in a good or bad way. All I know is that the whole situation made me nervous. 

The dress that was picked out for me was a bit too short, and a bit too sexy. They did it on purpose, of course, so that Louis would give me lots of attention. 

My mum's stylist, Ms. Kendra, barged in to do my hair and makeup. It was soft and smoky, but not too smoky. Perfect, actually.

I went downstairs to gulp down a cup of tea and buckle my shoes quickly before my ride arrived.  Dell hopped out from passenger seat of a large white Escalade to help me down the driveway. My heels were difficult to walk in, but not unbearable. I've had worse. My stomach tightened as I realized that the meeting was getting closer. I reminded myself that there was absolutely nothing to be anxious about. Because it a fake relationship. 100% not real. 

We got to Gregory's ginormous home and I was suffocated by paparazzi once again. I'd recognized the house from last year, and it looked the same. There were many teenagers standing along the sidewalk, taking pictures and squealing... Probably for Louis. Oh no, Louis. He's in there right now. I'm about to meet my first boyfriend. (You see, I don't have time for boys, with work and all. Dell says that having a boyfriend will just add stress to my life. And I don't even have that many friends either, so I don't go out like normal 17 year olds do.) Wait, no. He won't be my boyfriend. Well, in my eyes he won't be. So I have nothing to stress about. Nothing at all. 

Stop it, Paige.

Oh dear God I'm going bananas.

Dell squeezed my hand when we got to the top of the stairs. "Have a wonderful time, muffin." Then he kissed my forehead and started heading back down. 

"No! Wait!! Where are you going? You can't just leave me here!" 

"Just tell me all about it on Monday morning. Or call me afterwards." He told me. I shook my head frantically. "You'll be fine. Jesus, Paige, there's not a thing to be worried about. Its just a gathering. Go inside, they're waiting for you, love." He shooed me through the doors and before I knew it, he was gone. He obviously didn't know about the plan that was happening right now. I smiled at the guests and walked through the small crowd of people by the entrance until I found Dr. Gregory standing in the corner near a very large brown piano. I took a deep breath and approached him calmly. 

"Ah, good afternoon Miss Madison." he greeted me. "Please excuse me." He said to the man sitting at the piano. "Play something nice to get things started, yea?" the player nodded and started the music, and Gregory guided me up a huge stairway in the middle of the front foyer. I held on tightly to the railing a he whispered "There's someone important that I'd like you to meet."

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